Opinion: Stories of small cell application agreements failure between carriers and cities are too often part of the wireless lobby efforts (in the media) to maintain profit margins.

This type of fluff pieces provide no actual statistical data on how most cities treat applications for small cells instead relies upon anecdotal examples from isolated cities. There is no statistical information about how many municipalities “are acting as if they’re 100-foot towers”. No study or other reference proving this oft-stated dictum from the carriers and […]

AT&T Wins FirstNet but TowerCos are the Real Winners

FirstNet Award to AT&T Confirmed: Checks Confirm Amendment Activity before Official Announcement Tickers: T, AMT, CCI, SBAC Tags: Ken Schmidt, Wireless Infrastructure In Examining FirstNet Assumptions 12/9/2016, we reviewed the likelihood that AT&T would win the FirstNet RFP and the impact on TowerCos, Equipment OEMs, and FiberCos. As the time, the FirstNet award was stalled […]

Is T-Mobile intentionally “throttling data” or just feeding the beast?

YouTube spokesperson said today that T-Mobile’s new BingeOn video streaming service, which it offers to subscribers for free, is interfering with and reducing the quality of YouTube video traffic. According to The Internet Association, an Internet advocacy group, “T-Mobile’s new ‘streaming optimization’ program appears to involve throttling of all video traffic, across all data plans, regardless […]

Apple iPhone- Impact on Cellular Networks

A little over 1 month ago, I purchased the iPhone 3G. This post is an admission that until I did so, I really didn’t understand how this particular device has and will continue to change the very industry I work in. Simply put- the device is amazing and is truly unlike any other device I […]

T-Mobile offers WIFI/Cellular dual mode phone

According to a New York Times article on WIFI enabled cell phones (and many other articles of similar nature), T-Mobile is gearing up to offer a dual mode phone that lets the user “seamlessly” switch between a WIFI network in the home or office (read: anywhere that the phone has been previously configured to use […]