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Company News


July 2015

SITA Offers Complimentary Cell Site Lease Rates Analyses at NACo
Senior Consultants Steve Aruz and Matt Williams attend the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference and present complimentary lease rates analysis for counties who sign up in advance, as well as 10% discounts on new services.

April 2015

SITA’s President Ken Schmidt is Quoted in the Baltimore Sun
Ken Schmidt was cited as a small cell municipal infrastructure expert by The Baltimore Sun in an article entitled: “As mobile demand rises, companies flesh out network with lamp poles”.

August 2014

Steel in the Air proudly launches a complete version of our website, dedicated to a Spanish-speaking audience.
Now the 38,000 plus Spanish speakers in the United States, as well as industry analysts in Mexico, Central America and South America can read about wireless industry dynamics affecting cell site leaseholders in their native language.

June 2014

SITA’s Article: How Smart Cell Site Deployment Can Benefit the Hotel Industry is Published in the International Luxury Hotelier Magazine.
This featured article explains how hoteliers and venue owners can benefit from cell site leases.

SITA Hosts its Wireless Infrastructure Dinner’s On Us! June 27th in Cleveland
Ken Schmidt invites past, present and future clients to meet and discuss wireless infrastructure dynamics and how they affect cell site leases. No sales pitches will be presented. This is a chance for interested parties to network and share experiences. SITA’s Dinner’s On Us! will be in these cities this summer. Contact us for details and to RSVP!
July 16 – Dallas
July 17 – Austin
July 23 – Syracuse

May 2014

SITA Marks its 3,000th Consultation
Our clients include over 100 municipalities, four federal agencies, two airports, one subway system, numerous school districts, universities, public utilities, churches and investment banks and hundreds of private and public landowners nationwide.

February 2014

SITA Invites Detroit Client and Affiliates to its Wireless Infrastructure Dinner’s On Us!
Steel in the Air’s President, Ken Schmidt, welcomes past, present and future clients and affiliates in the Atlanta area to meet, eat, share experiences and discuss wireless dynamics.

January 2014

SITA Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary
To date, we have reviewed over 8,500 cellular leases, tracked over 285,000 towers and cell sites, brokered over $800 million in tower sales, evaluated over 1,500 buyout offers and received over 250 glowing testimonials.

SITA Hosts its First Wireless Infrastructure Dinner’s On Us!
Past, present and future clients and affiliates in the Detroit area are invited to meet, eat, share experiences and discuss wireless dynamics.

November 2013

The United States Department of the Navy Welcomes Ken Schmidt, President of SITA, as a Cell Tower Valuation and Wireless Industry Expert
SITA’s Ken Schmidt was invited to talk at the U.S. Navy’s annual Appraisal Conference. His presentation was entitled, “Appraising Cell Towers.”

July 2013

Steel in the Air Partners with Cell Tower Attorney to Launch the Cell Tower Lease Buyout Guide
The Cell Tower Lease Buyout Guide, a complete guide to lease buyouts, buyout offers and behind-the-scene industry dynamics, was created to be a valuable public resource, and is available for download as a PDF.

February 2013

Follow Ken Schmidt on Google+ for Timely, Thought-Provoking Commentary on the Cell Tower Industry

December 2012

SITA’s President Ken Schmidt is Quoted in the Los Angeles Times
Ken Schmidt was cited as a cell tower leasing expert in the Los Angeles Times in an article entitled: “Wireless Companies Look to Church Towers for Cell Sites.”

Feburary 2012

Wireless Infrastructure Industry Magazine, Above Ground Level (AGL), Quotes Ken Schmidt
President of SITA Ken Schmidt was quoted in the AGL Bulletin article, “For Sprint, as LTE Goes Up, Nextel Comes Down.”

January 2012

SITA Reaches its 2,300th Consultation
A recent count of clients served by Steel in the Air indicates that we have provided service for over 2,300 clients with various cell tower related issues. We have assisted clients in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Canada, and Australia (along with our partner SiteXcell).

Suffield, Connecticut Takes Action Based on Advice from Steel in the Air
Suffield, CT defined final lease terms with Crown Castle, resulting in an increase in short and long-term revenue, and gave SITA due credit in its community newsletter, “Selectmen Discuss Interim Chief, Cell Towers,” dated January 19, 2012.

February 2010

Steel in the Air Forms a Joint Venture with SiteXcell in Australia
SITA partnered with SiteXCell, an Australian cell tower and cell site consulting firm that shares our mission of helping property owners in negotiations against wireless carriers, tower companies and lease buyout companies. To celebrate our partnership, we launched: www.steelintheair.com.au.

June 2009

The Christian Examiner Trust Ken Schmidt’s Judgment
SITA’s President, Ken Schmidt, consulted with, and was quoted by, the Christian Examiner regarding municipal zoning ordinances and the placement of cell towers. The article is entitled, “Wireless Tower Revenue for Churches Gives New Meaning to ‘Cell’ Group.”

April 2009

SITA Has a Twitter Account! Stay up to date on the Cell Tower Industry. Follow Ken Schmidt today!

February 2008

President of Steel in the Air Ken Schmidt Talks Cell Site Leases at Inside Self Storage (ISS) Association’s Vegas Expo
Ken Schmidt is an expert at helping associations to see the potential value in cellular assets, such as cell towers and cell site leases. His inspirational talk “Cell Site Leases for Self-Storage: Long-Term, Reliable Income Opportunities” was received by a full-house at the ISS Vegas Expo.

October 2007

President of Steel in the Air Ken Schmidt Talks Cell Tower Valuation and Assessment in Little Rock, AR.
Ken Schmidt was a guest speaker at the 2007 Arkansas Appraisal Association’s conference in Little Rock, AR.

May 2007

SITA Creates a Joint Partnership with Cell Tower Attorney (CTA)
Ken, Schmidt, Steel in the Air’s President, holds a law degree from the University of Florida. He eagerly partnered with seasoned attorney, Neil Levinbook to establish a firm that specializes in representing property owners, municipal governments and public entities in lease negotiations against wireless carriers, tower companies and lease buyout companies.

February 2007

RCR Wireless News Quotes Ken Schmidt, President of Steel in the Air
Ken Schmidt talks cell tower company strategies in regards to cell site leasing in an article entitled, “After Years of Struggle, Tower Industry Beginning to Bloom.

October 2006

Bloomberg.com Interviews Ken Schmidt as an Expert in Tower Acquisition
SITA’s President Ken Schmidt was quoted by Bloomberg in an article entitled, “Texas Pacific, Axa Buys, 60% of French Tower Owner TDF.

August 2006

Ken Schmidt, President of Steel in the Air, Presents The State of the Wireless Industry at AUREO’s annual conference.
Ken Schmidt was a guest speaker at the Association of University Real Estate Officials’ (AUREO), annual conference, which was held in Chicago this year. His talked was entitled “Telecommunications Leasing in a Converging Age”.

July 2005

President of Steel in the Air Ken Schmidt Speaks at the annual Georgia Association of Assessing Officials’ (GAAO) Conference in Jekyll Island, GA
Ken Schmidt was a guest speaker at the 2005 GAAO Conference. His presentation, “Cell Tower Valuation and Assessment,” described ways to reliably and accurately assess the real and personal property value of cell towers themselves and the property they sit on.

March 2005

SITA is Quoted in Brownfield News, the Official Magazine of the National Brownfield Association (NBA)
The NBA is a national educational institution for sustainable development. The article entitled “Generating Cash Flow Now: Interim and Ancillary Uses,” discusses various ways in which Brownfield (property that needs redevelopment) owners can supplement their income with income-producing assets like cell towers. See www.brownfieldassociation.org for more details.

January 2005

SITA Creates a Joint Partnership with SteelTree Partners
Steel in the Air is pleased to announce its partnership with SteelTree Partners, a firm that specializes in cellular asset valuation, cell site acquisition and tower brokerage for investors, appraisers and small tower owners.

December 2004

SITA’s President, Ken Schmidt, is Interviewed by The New York Times.
The New York Times published, “Cellular Antennas as an Income Source,” in which Ken Schmidt was a lead source.

July 2004

SITA’s President, Ken Schmidt, Talks with Alabama Forest Owners’ Association (AFOA)
Steel in the Air participated in a teleconference with AFOA members to explain and discuss cell tower and cell site leasing. Topics of discussion included: fair market lease rates, lease escalation rates, tower zoning, equipment and location requirements and liability issues. Please contact us if your organization would be interested in a similar conference or teleconference. (No Homeowners Associations, please.)

Prior Events

Prior to SITA’s conception, Ken Schmidt was already lauded in the wireless infrastructure industry as an expert. He presented at the annual Tower Summit Conference, which is now part of CTIA, on two occasions. His talks were entitled, “Cell Tower Due Diligence,” and “Broadcast Tower Opportunities.”

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