Cell Tower Companies

Cell Tower Companies are companies that own and operate cell towers. The U.S. cell tower industry is fairly concentrated at the top; there are three tower companies that have approximately 73,000 towers, while the remainder of the tower industry is highly fragmented. A study completed by AGL Magazine in 2012 noted that 58% of tower owners own between 1–10 towers, with another 25% of tower owners have 11-100 towers.

US Towers Rooftops under Management Active Rooftops 3rd Party Leases Owned
Crown Castle (CCI) 39,555 2,300
American Tower (AMT) 27,999 19,000 2,000 2,600
SBA Communications (SBAC) 15,000 4,800 500

We’ve listed the top three cell tower companies in the United States, along with the most recent numbers of assets we could find for each. As you can see, besides owning towers (upon which they lease space to wireless carriers), cell tower companies also enter into rooftop management agreements and purchase portfolios of leases from lease buyout companies. After these top three cell tower companies, wireless carriers (who act as both a service provider and a cell tower company) own the most cell towers.

Small cell tower companies also exist – like Comcast, who placed its portfolio of 800 towers into a separate tower company named CTI, Inc. Diamond Communications shows 1500+ existing structures on their site list; Insite Towers, LLC owns 650 towers. Other notable tower owners include cable companies, like Time Warner and Charter Communications and broadcasters like Clear Channel.

Cell tower companies generate revenue by leasing space on their towers to wireless carriers. The top three cell tower companies (American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications) acquire, rather than build, the vast majority of their cell towers, either from other tower companies (see American Tower Corporation’s recent acquisition of Global Tower Partners and Crown Castle Acquires 9,700 Towers from AT&T) or from wireless carriers.. When tower companies add towers to their portfolio, they also attempt to add additional tenants, which significantly increases their revenue per tower. In recent years, some of the tower companies have focused on expanding their markets, and subsequently, their portfolio offerrings. These include DAS systems, 3rd party lease buyouts, and rooftop acquisition or management.

Steel in the Air assists landowners who have ground leases under the towers or rooftop leases on sites managed by the tower companies. We also assist governments, appraisers, investors and "mom and pop" cell tower owners with valuation services.

Top 7 U.S. Tower Companies (based on number of cell towers owned)