Our Q1 2019 Wireless Update Top 10 Takeaways

A few weeks ago we visited a large investment bank to present our Q1 2019 Wireless Update  findings to a group of investors and attended some private meetings.  Here is a short recap of our top 10 findings.   Applications for new towers has been rising slightly.  Of applications to the FCC for new structures, nearly […]

American Tower’s Aggressive Response to Build-To-Relo Towers

Previously, we wrote about Tillman Infrastructure, a tower company that has expanded significantly to build towers near existing towers to encourage wireless carriers to move from the existing tower to the new tower, all in an effort to reduce lease rates. For over a year now, tower companies have publicly discounted the impact of these “build-to-relo” […]

Non-Cellular Companies That Lease Cell Towers

Or How to Sell a Cell Tower for $2,000,000 A tower owner client of ours asked us for help in documenting for their lender that cell towers are used by many companies, not just cellular companies.  To assist, we established the list of non-cellular cell tower leasing companies.  Most people understand that the typical cell tower […]