What You Should Know About Verizon Cell Tower Leases

There are two main reasons that property owners and local governments consult with us regarding Verizon Cell Tower Leases:

1. New Verizon Cell Tower Lease Proposals

You may have been contacted by a Verizon representative (aka, site acquisition agent) regarding the construction of a cell tower on your property. If so, you may want to:

  • Educate yourself regarding the real world effects of entering into a Landlord/ Tenant lease with Verizon;
  • Determine appropriate rent, escalation and lease duration terms; and/ or
  • Get tips on favorably negotiating the terms of the proposed Lease Agreement prior to signing.

2. Verizon Lease Modification Requests

If you are already party to a cellular lease, then you are probably somewhat familiar with lease negotiation tactics. However, there are certain “tricks of the trade” that we like to educate our clients about to ensure that you receive fair treatment, and reap ultimate benefits, when renegotiating the terms of a lease agreement with Wireless Carriers, like Verizon. We can help you to:

  • Understand Verizon’s reasons for requesting the change;
  • Determine what fees (if any) should be charged to Verizon;
  • Evaluate whether or not changes to the language and terms of the Lease are favorable; and/ or
  • Negotiate the Lease in a way that protects and supports your interests.

3. Verizon Small Cell Proposals

Verizon is actively seeking to enter into master lease agreements with municipalities to place small cell infrastructure on municipal assets like light poles and street signs or lights. Verizon also directly contacts landowners and building owners to add small cell antennas to exisitng light poles on the landowners building or light poles. If you have been approached by Verizon to enter into a small cell agreement whether a master or individual site lease, we can help you to:

  • Understand why Verizon is seeking access to your building or light poles;
  • Determine what rent is appropriate for the use of the structures;
  • Help advise you on the upside and downside of entering into a lease agreement with Verizon for a small cell.