Apple’s New Geofencing App is a Micro-Manager’s Dream

Geofencing is a technique that compares multiple subsequent scans to establish boundaries that are tagged as “crossed” while a user is in motion. Apple has patented an application that uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular signals and 3 or 4G network scans to pinpoint the exact location of a mobile device. The app, powered by “wireless scan control” would be installed within a mobile device and function by triangulating off the various detection methods.  It would enable geofencing notifications anywhere that Wi-Fi signals are present.

This invention has a utilitarian use beyond the most obvious (tracking individuals) and emergency assistance. It would allow users to set up personal notifications that appear when a specific geographical boundary is reached.  Eg: The device recognizes that you have arrived at work and reminds you to call a client, or perhaps even notices that you have driven past the DMV and reminds you to get your Title renewed.

Because Wi-Fi (or a constant signal) is a critical component to this technology, it’s not likely to become mass-produced until more Wi-Fi and small cell solutions have been deployed across the board to augment cellular networks.


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