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    Serving Government Entities and Non-Profits

    Steel in the Air has assisted over 3,000 public and private landowners and business owners nationwide with telecom lease negotiations.

    serving local governments and non-profits

    You may think that if you’ve seen one cell tower lease, you’ve seen them all. Don’t be fooled! Government leases and non-profit cell tower leases tend to be a horse of a different color. Some choices that may have little-to-no effect on a private property-owner’s cell tower lease can impact the cash flow and threaten the livelihood of a non-profit or municipality. Steel in the Air has assisted more than 3,000 public and private landowners and business owners nationwide with their telecom lease negotiations. We are confident we can help get you the best government lease or non-profit cell tower lease.

    As telecom lease advisors, we help municipalities and non-profits make best-practice choices regarding any and all aspects of telecom lease negotiations. We understand the trickle-down effect – and have seen how one seemingly small lease modification can impact your cash flow, as well as the livelihood of the public who depends upon you. With Steel in the Air, you not only have the benefit of our team’s wealth of experience and proprietary data, you have our loyalty. We know the industry inside out. We understand who the industry players are and what motivates them. We are fully competent in deciphering legal language and explaining to you all the possible factors that could be affected by your choice now and well into the future. It is our job as telecom lease advisors and experts to protect your interests and to ensure that you decide upon a course of action that will maximize potential future income and is value-added – with optimal advantage and minimal risk. With the help of Steel in the Air, you can rest easy knowing that your final purchase is the best decision for the present as well as the future.

    With Steel in the Air, you will:

    1. Gain confidence and peace of mind by positioning yourself in a level playing field where all data, variables and motives are on the table - and understood.
    2. Make informed decisions that are based on valid, actionable, and timely data.
    3. Avoid risk by satisfactorily determining that you are making the best use of your assets - in the present and for the expected future.
    4. Maintain accountability to your constituents, tenants or anyone affected by the lease negotiations by using reliable metrics to define a purposeful course of action.
    5. Negotiate the best possible cell tower agreement - and feel good doing it.

    Insider Tips

    1. If you have associates who are also party to cell tower leases, we advise you to take caution when comparing a potential new lease to theirs. You shouldn't assume that they knew what they were doing, even if the amounts do look enticing.

    2. Carriers nationwide are racing to deploy LTE. If you are party to a cell tower lease and the Lessee wants to update its network infrastructure, chances are that you are eligible for some compensation.

    3. The trend with new cell site leases is to include a "Right of First Refusal" clause. This means that if a third-party were interested in buying your lease you would first have to offer it to the original Lessee. This could substantially lower the final purchase amount. While it might not be possible to avoid the ROFR clause altogether, you might be able to negotiate away from "pro-rata" matching.

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