Our potential clients typically ask (as they should) what the cost of our services will be. They want to know how our pricing structure compares to other lease consultants. At Steel in the Air, we offer our clients several options: fixed fees for specific services, hourly rates or, in some cases, contingency quotes. Should a client wish to retain us on a flat-fee basis to negotiate a lease, unlike other lease consultants, we will do so. Since we do not work on a strict contingency basis, clients can be assured that we will provide fair and unbiased valuation services. For instance, we will never undervalue leases in order to profit from the difference that we negotiate on our clients’ behalf. At Steel in the Air, we believe in treating our clients with integrity. Please take a look at our client testimonials, to see for yourself.


Steel in the Air Other Consultants Lease Optimization Companies Lease Buyout Companies
Free Consultation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Purpose of Initial Consultation To determine whether you need services. To determine whether they can make money off you. To convince you to renegotiate your lease. To convince you to sell your lease.
Free Unbiased Answers Yes – for simple questions other than valuation. Sometimes Rarely Sometimes
Quote for Services During initial consultation, clients may opt to select a fee structure that best suits them. Quotes are given only after clients share their documents. No No – you will receive a lease buyout proposal.
Fixed Fee Quotes Yes Rarely No No
Contingency Quotes Yes Yes – can be up to 30 times the increase in monthly rent. No No
Double Dipping (working for more than one party). No. We do not work for wireless carriers or tower companies. Sometimes – they might take cuts from wireless carriers , tower companies and lease buyout companies. No No – you are not their client to begin with.
Lease Valuation Will provide fair-market, unbiased lease valuation. Final lease valuation will depend upon how they are getting paid. Leases are usually undervalued initially, resulting in higher commission. Leases are typically undervalued so they can buy low.
Re-sell Lease for Profit No Some Yes Yes
Follow-up Sales Calls Maybe one or two Several Weekly Weekly
Confidentiality of Information Yes Not always. No Not always.


The first thing we do is start with a “No-cost / No-obligation” initial call where we get to know a bit about the site and/or property and the issues you are having or are curious about. We will ask some questions about your current or proposed lease to determine who the other parties are and what their motives might be.
During these initial calls, we often realize that our (potential) clients are not fully aware of their options, or, in some cases, have been misinformed. We are happy to answer any general questions in good faith, and at no cost. Please see our services guarantee below.

We are often contacted by leaseholders who have received buyout offers and are hoping we can help negotiate a better price. In these cases, we explain that selling may not be the best option: some leaseholders actually enjoy receiving regular rent payments (“mailbox money”) and the benefit of a lump-sum payout is negligible; in other cases, the timing isn’t right. In consideration of market dynamics, and leases might be appreciating in value, we might suggest that you renegotiate the terms of your lease instead of selling it. We will discuss all available options with you, and, once you have chosen your course of action, walk you through what the process. Unlike other consultants, we will not push you in one direction (i.e., to sell) simply because it is advantageous to us.

We do these initial calls because our goal is to help you to make an informed decision – starting with whether you should hire us to assist you. Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t immediately start trying to convince you that we can get you more money for selling your lease provided you retain us to find additional offers – unless that is what you want. We don’t use high-pressure techniques, and if you choose not to use our services, we won’t accuse you of wasting our time or belittle you for your choice. We recognize that if you don’t use us now, there is still a chance that you will decide to in the future. Many of our clients first tried a competitor’s service (thinking that because the competitor was a larger company, the service might be better) only to contact us to help sort out the mess after they did not receive the level of professionalism they expected.


Steel in the Air is ethical, transparent and fully committed to providing excellent service. While we do not work for free (or pretend to), if you have a question and we know the answer off the top of our head, we are happy to share the information with you – as a courtesy and at no charge. However, if something requires research or specific positioning, we will propose a fair rate to you and allow you to choose terms of payment. We can also provide you with the information you need to handle the issue yourself – or if you prefer, we will take charge and work on your behalf to negotiate the results you deserve. We will never pigeonhole you into a situation that is best for our bottom line; our services are much too high-quality for a tactic like that.

After the initial consultation, during which we will offer good faith answers to simple questions, if further review is needed, we will provide a no-commitment quote for services. Our services typically run $2,000 to $5,000 for single tower issues. The more complex the situation, the more we charge to provide services. Each case is as unique as the parcel of land that the site in question is located on. If we think we can help, we will provide a no-obligation quote. Our fees are fixed, meaning that no matter how well you do with improving the lease, our fees stay the same. Other consultants will take 10% of the lease or more going forward, which may not seem like much, but over time can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

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