What’s Happened So Far in Wireless in 2017?

As we look back over the first half of 2017, there has been much non-activity on the merger front. Many people (myself included) expected greater merger and acquisition activity but other than a few fiber related transactions, nothing material has transpired. Sprint and T-Mobile are still separate companies, and DISH has not merged with or […]

Is T-Mobile intentionally “throttling data” or just feeding the beast?

YouTube spokesperson said today that T-Mobile’s new BingeOn video streaming service, which it offers to subscribers for free, is interfering with and reducing the quality of YouTube video traffic. According to The Internet Association, an Internet advocacy group, “T-Mobile’s new ‘streaming optimization’ program appears to involve throttling of all video traffic, across all data plans, regardless […]

Uncarrier 7.0 – Yay or Nay?

T-Mobile’s solution to capacity issues (eg: too many people placing heavy demands on the network)?  Free femtocell coverage aka “Uncarrier 7.0”.  Recently, T-Mobile has been receiving a deluge of customer complaints, particularly regarding in-building (indoor) service.   Without the low frequency spectrun that other wireless providers have, T-Mobile’s indoor network is at a disadvantage.   To compensate, […]