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A little over 1 month ago, I purchased the iPhone 3G. This post is an admission that until I did so, I really didn’t understand how this particular device has and will continue to change the very industry I work in.

Simply put- the device is amazing and is truly unlike any other device I have used. I count myself among the technical adapters and have used many so called “smart” phones over the last few years. None of these devices no matter how advanced they were remotely changed my data ARPU– but I can assure you the iPhone has. I have an unlimited plan and use it constantly.

I access full page regular websites regularly. (It is so convenient to be able to access a website while out of the house to look up a fact or reference item)

I check my stock portfolio a few times a week. (More than I do on my computers).

I am addicted to Facebook’s “twitter” like “what are you doing” application. (the utility comes from having friends on Facebook– not the other way around)

I use Google Maps much more often when I travel because it is faster and easier to access.

I check feeds to a number of blogs- which I now do more often because I can check them while I have even a few minutes of downtime.

The only thing that I don’t do more often than I did before was check my email. Why – because of the crappy keyboard and Apple’s stupid auto correction for typing. I like that it pushes email- but hate responding to email on the device. (Apple- why not allow bluetooth keyboards?)

The long and short of it is- that until you have actually used the iPhone daily- you more than likely don’t understand how device makers (not the carriers) will change our industry and increase ARPU. The iPhone is that groundbreaking. And until Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile get equally accessible and functional devices, they won’t see the same uptick as AT&T does in data usage and return.

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