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Our New Cell Tower & Wireless Industry Q&A Forum is an innovative way to connect cell tower landlords with expert consultants

Steel in the Air is well-known in the cell tower and wireless infrastructure industry as being a trusted, reputable source of information.

We take great pride in providing innovative and accurate resources to the public.

Our value-centric perspective is focused on empowering property owners, venue owners, and local governments with the tools they need to effectively value, and favorably negotiate, the terms of telecommunications leases.

Ken Schmidt is President and CEO of Steel in the Air

We genuinely believe that we are the most ethical & knowledgeable consultants in the industry.

Cell tower landlords often contact us to ask simply questions that we can easily answer off the top of our heads. We do this because we believe it’s an ethical duty to provide answers that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.
However, we are a small company, and thanks to our clients, are becoming busier by the day. Since we don’t like to turn anyone away, we’ve created this Q&A Forum, and populated it with our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you can’t easily find an answer to your questions, please let us know – either by posting your own question – or contacting us directly.

We help you to make value-driven decisions with real-time visibility into all factors that make an impact.

Unlike our competitors we won’t offer evaluations for free (and then take a percentage of whatever gain is received). If you require or could benefit from a formal Cell Site Lease Assessment, we will let you know, and then allow you to select a payment structure that best suits you.
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