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What SITA Do


Our company name, Steel in the Air, was derived from long-time industry vernacular that was used to confirm the actuality of a solid tower structure – strategically positioned and of service. To us, it symbolizes a strong infrastructure, efficient communication and effective deployment strategies. Our core values are integrity, customer loyalty and unparalleled expertise. We are a company that follows a code of ethics, because we believe that, simply put, it’s the best way to conduct business. If being treated with integrity and receiving fair market value is important to you, then contact us. We encourage you to browse our website and read feedback from our clients.

What SITA Do


Some lease consultants work for wireless carriers, while at the same time servicing landowners. We see that as a conflict of interest. Since 2004, we have been serving property owners exclusively in lease negotiations against wireless carriers and cell tower companies. In other words, we don’t double dip, which means that the lease valuation and recommendations you receive from us will represent a fair market value – which is the maximum value you can hope to achieve.
What SITA Do


Other lease consultants will value your lease based on their own motives, or those whom they are working for. Some will overvalue your lease, encouraging you to sell now in exchange for a lump sum payment. What they don’t tell you is that you could negotiate better terms now – or sell it in the future (or to another company) for more. Some will initially undervalue your lease because they work on a contingency basis and will get a percentage of whatever “extra” money they negotiate on your behalf. See how we compare .

Our Services


New Cell Tower Leases

Since 2004, we have helped over 1,000 landowners negotiate better leases.  If you have been approached for a lease, we can help!


Lease Extensions

Even if you didn’t sign a great lease the first time around, we can help you negotiate a better one going forward.


Lease Buyouts

Whether you aren’t sure whether you should sell or not or you know you want to sell, we can help you make the right decision.


Cell Tower Valuation

We are experts in cell tower valuations and cell tower lease valuations.  Need to know what an asset is worth- you have come to the right place.

Services related to cellular lease negotiations

Our Expertise

Steel in the Air provides expert services related to cellular lease negotiations, valuation and brokerage. The principals of Steel in the Air have developed, procured, owned, and operated broadcast and cellular towers for the last 25 years. Steel in the Air has been retained over 4,000 times by landowners and tower owners throughout all 50 states, Canada, and the Caribbean to provide valuation assistance. President of Steel in the Air, Ken Schmidt, has been recognized as an expert by our peers and has spoken at numerous conferences. He has also been quoted in newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. We are regularly retained by stock market analysts and large investment groups seeking to learn more about the industry in general or about specific transactions.

As a partner at SteelTree Partners, a cell tower brokerage and advisory firm, we have assisted in the sale of over $3,000,000,000 worth of towers over the last 20 years. We are well-versed in tower and portfolio valuation and have access to proprietary comparable data from previous tower portfolio sales. We are experts in tower valuation and lease valuation and have been retained to act as expert witnesses or consultants on seven separate lawsuits or potential lawsuits. Both individual landowners and “mom and pop” tower owners have retained us for our valuation opinions.

Steel in the Air maintains one of the most comprehensive tower location databases in the entire country that is privately available. We also maintain a database of cell tower lease rates for ground leases, collocation leases, and tenant improvement (rooftop) leases across the country.

Our clients include major airports, convention centers, universities, corporations, individual landowners, tower companies, and governmental entities. We have been retained to provide letters of opinion for valuation purposes on towers and leases for estate purposes.

Your options

Steel in the Air will explain all of your options – even those that don’t make us as much money. We have the data and expertise it takes to give fair market values and we know the sweet spot. We won’t push too hard (or too fast), which could result in you losing the deal entirely. In fact, we are regularly contacted by people who have previously used another consultant’s services and weren’t happy. If getting a fair market value on your lease and being treated with integrity and respect is important, then contact us.

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