Serving Cell Tower Owners

Serving Cell Tower Owners

Over the past seven years, Steel in the Air (in partnership with SteelTree Partners) has assisted in the sale of over $2.5 billion worth of towers and has helped over 3,000 clients with cell tower lease negotiations, buyout offers, and asset management. We are trusted by owners and investors nationwide to provide fair-market valuation using proprietary, comparable sales and location data comprised of nearly 20 years of transactions and over 285,000 cell sites. With Steel in the Air, you not only have the benefit of our team’s wealth of experience – you also have our loyalty.

Serving Cell Tower Owners

Our Services For Local Governments And Non-profits Include:

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    Serving Cell Tower Owners

    With Steel In The Air On Your Side, You Will:

    1. Determine the fair market value of your wireless asset portfolio in the present and for the expected future. Our valuations are backed up by reliable, proprietary data that enables you to effectively position yourself with an advantage.
    2. Understand the short- and long-term effects of any modifications to existing lease agreements (including revenue from collocation and costs of equipment upgrades), or divestitures of assets.
    3. Marginalize risk by satisfactorily determining that you are making the best use of your assets – in the present and for the expected future.
    4. Receive a “letter of opinion” and “offer memorandum” assessing the value of tower assets, which is useful for financial transactions and legal proceedings.
    5. Gain peace of mind by ensuring that you receive the maximum value for your cell tower (if you want to sell) and the best deal (if you want to buy) serving cell tower owners.

    Our Privacy Guarantee ‐ Our Database Is Proprietary And Your Information Is Confidential

    We take our clients’ confidentiality and privacy seriously and we NEVER sell or distribute any of our data. SITA data is 100% proprietary. We do not sell our data outright. We can be retained to provide consulting services and will use our data to justify valuation recommendations.

    Insider tips

    With the exception of some municipal situations, there are very few scenarios where a tower owner is better off divesting assets (selling leases but keeping the tower). If you are going to sell your leases, you should consider selling the tower, as well.

    If you are a small tower owner who is in need of liquid cash flow, you could consider selling your tower subsequent to a Leaseback Agreement. This would allow you to retain the right to use the tower, even after it was sold. We can help you negotiate the best deal.

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