Serving Commercial Property Owners

Serving Commercial Property Owners (Corporate Landowners)

We assist commercial property owners and their advisors on a daily basis. Our service spectrum encompasses single building owners and Fortune 500 companies. From corporations who own hundreds of shopping malls to owners of hundreds of thousands of acres of timber or multiple amusement parks – we are uniquely situated to provide comprehensive advice regarding a single wireless telecom lease or a hundred leases.

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    Serving Commercial Property Owners

    There is no better team in the U.S. to help you maximize the revenue from your cell site leases. We have more experience and have dealt with more commercial property owners than anyone else. 

    With Steel in the Air, you not only have the benefit of our team’s wealth of experience and proprietary data, but you also have our loyalty. We know the industry inside out, and we understand who the players are and what motivates them. We are fully competent in deciphering legal language and explaining to you all the possible factors that could be affected by your choice now and well into the future. It is our job to provide our clients with the best advice in consideration of all possible factors – and we take pride in what we do.

    If you have specific issues or just have questions about your leases, please call or email us. We treat all inquiries as confidential and will readily sign a non-disclosure agreement so that your interests remain protected.

    With Steel In The Air, You Will:

    Gain confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the advice you receive is based upon accurate, timely, and unbiased data that comes directly from the source.

    Avoid risk by satisfactorily determining that you are making the best use of your assets – in the present and for the expected future.

    Maintain accountability to your constituents, tenants, or anyone affected by the lease negotiations by using reliable metrics to define a purposeful course of action.

    Level the playing field, gain an advantage, and maximize your profit.

    Insider tips

    Attorneys who are not familiar with the telecom industry might add unreasonable restrictions to the lease, which may force the carrier to look elsewhere, or they will fail to add the clauses necessary to protect your interests because they don’t understand the real implications of the clauses in the lease. If you are seeking legal help, we recommend you contact our partner, Cell Tower Attorney.

    Over the past ten years, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) – which measures inflation – has averaged 2.29% per year. This means that to sustain the value of your lease, you would need to receive annual escalation of at least 2.3%.

    Consumer demand for higher speeds brought on by robust and rising smartphone and tablet usage, and the pervasive 4G LTE and 5G technology migration, will drive future demand for cell site leasing. The number of cell sites in the U.S. alone is over 375,000 as of 2022, and 425,000 if you go by FCC numbers – which SITA believes are inflated.

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