FCC Orders Landowner to Remove Abandoned Tower

In a surprise ruling, the FCC determined that a landowner was responsible for removing a 375’ guyed tower on their property after the broadcaster that built it (and subsequent broadcast owners) failed to do so. Because the tower exceeds 200’, it is required to be lit for aircraft safety. However, the tower lights apparently had […]

Who is Octagon Towers, LLC?

Some landowners with AT&T towers on their property are being contacted by Octagon Towers. Octagon Towers asks the landowner to either extend the AT&T lease or consent to assignment by AT&T to Octagon. Read further to know what you should do about these requests.

Weird Revenue Sharing Clause

One of our clients received a proposal from a tower company that included a revenue share clause. Generally, revenue shares are not proposed by wireless carriers and even less so by tower companies. However, because our client is a governmental entity, I assume the tower company figured it would be better to put a revenue […]