Serving Appraisers

Serving Appraisers

Serving Appraisers

Since 2004, Steel in the Air has helped over 2,500 clients nationwide to negotiate favorable leases against wireless carriers, lease buyout and tower companies. We also provide lease valuation and asset management services to small tower owners, appraisers and investors. Over the past decade, along with our partner, SteelTree partners, we have assisted in the brokerage of over $650 million in wireless assets.

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    Many of our inquiries come from appraisers who have been called upon to evaluate cell towers and cell sites for eminent domain and/or taxation purposes. Appraisers reach out to us as industry experts who understand the intricacies of the highly vested, federally protected Wireless Communications industry, and the complex market dynamics affecting any transaction. The cell tower sector, for instance, has very low churn, quite the opposite of commercial real estate. Additionally, gaining access to a statistically sound sample of tower sales transactions (specifically current ones) can be challenging. Steel in the Air has been building a proprietary database for over ten years, tracking tower sales, location data, lease buyouts, and lease negotiations nationwide. Our data is comprehensive, timely, and unbiased.

    Steel in the Air is a reputable company with a proven track record of satisfied clients – and we plan on keeping it that way. For any type of wireless asset valuation, we are your trusted resource.

    Serving Appraisers

    1. PORTFOLIO EVALUATION (of cell towers, wireless infrastructure, and leases)
    2. LEASE VALUATION (based either on monthy rental or lump-sum terms)

    With Steel In The Air, You Will:

    Receive expert guidance on how to best position yourself (or your clients) in any lease negotiation or asset valuation.

    Minimize risk by receiving valuations based upon statistically relevant data, rather than a few random transactions.

    Maintain accountability to your constituents or anyone affected by the transaction by using reliable, comprehensive metrics to define a purposeful course of action.

    Gain confidence and peace of mind by positioning yourself in a level playing field where all data, variables, and motives are on the table – and understood.

    Insider tips

    Tower companies often prefer to purchase leases outright in order to further diversify their portfolio of assets; however, they are not the only companies out there who are interested in buying cellular leases. Buyout companies do it for profit alone. The motivation of the buyer may or may not be of interest to you, but it will likely affect their final offer.

    Cell Site leases are valued based upon a number of factors, but at the end of the day it’s the “uniqueness” factor that has the most weight. However, the uniqueness of a given property is based on more than just the elevation of the land.

    Steel in the Air prides itself on accurate, ethical, data-driven analysis. Some other websites and cellular consultants have accurate data, but skewed advice (due to self-serving motivations); while others have honest intentions yet biased data. Steel in the Air has the best of both worlds. You can depend upon us. Just ask our clients!

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