Tale of Two Small Cell Proposals – Crown Castle vs. Mobilitie

The City of Orlando, Florida recently received two separate applications for two separate sets of DAS nodes and/or small cells. The applications were submitted by Crown Castle and Telemobilitie, both of whom purport to request planning approval for new poles and/or the replacement of existing poles. We believe that Telemobilitie is a “Doing Business As” name […]

FirstNet could be a clever turtle.

FirstNet or the First Responder Network Authority, is a multi-billion dollar effort to construct a nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network, which is meant to provide a seamless, high-speed (LTE), coverage for emergency responders and 911 callers.  It is moving forward – perhaps at a turtle’s pace, but that might not be a bad thing, […]

Which Stealth Cell Tower is more Stealthy?

Reading an article in the Press Democrat for Santa Rosa, CA where they show two separate stealth cell towers. The article is not particularly innovative- just commentary on the battle between aesthetics and wireless expansion. However, the reason that I found it interesting is that they contrast two stealth towers. (Photos from Press Democrat)

Hasty Decisions Made by School Boards and Churches

At Steel in the Air, Inc, we have assisted a number of municipalities with cell phone tower lease proposals at schools. We have also provided guidance to a number of schools, both public and private across the United States. To our surprise, in some circumstances there has been little to no public opposition to the […]