Which US Tower Companies Were Most Active in Jan. 2024?

Map of proposed tower sites from January-February 2024


We examined applications for environmental notice to the FCC for the last month.  Here are the companies that have been most active in submitting to the FCC over that time frame.  Notably, Tillman is still active, outpacing other tower companies.  Vertical Bridge is next up with 36 new submissions, primarily under a subsidiary named “The Towers, LLC.”  Verizon (including Alltel) and AT&T also crack the top 5.  Boldyn Networks was previously Mobilitie.  There are also a number of mid-sized tower companies on the list.  Many of these new towers are being built as build-to-suit towers for AT&T and Verizon, along with a lesser number of towers for T-Mobile.

Chart showing the number of cell towers proposed by various tower companies and wireless carrier in the US in January 2024

Compare this to our list of the top tower companies in the United States organized by number of towers.

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    7 thoughts on “Which US Tower Companies Were Most Active in Jan. 2024?”

    1. Hello! I think this will be a great way to keep informed on what’s going on in the industry.
      Could you please include Alaska in this report. That is where my interest is.
      Thank you!

      What will the environmental review entail?


      1. Sure- when we run the next one- will include Alaska. The environmental review is required on all new towers. Basically, it includes checks that there are no archaeological artifacts, that it doesn’t impact fish or wildlife, no Indian burial grounds, and no hazardous waste.

      1. Typically, around 50’x50′ to 100’x100′ for the lease area if the site is a monopole or lattice tower, a few acres if the tower is a guyed tower.

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