Are Crown Castle and WCP Working Together?

In a tale of “strange bedfellows”, we are starting to wonder whether Crown Castle and Wireless Capital Partners are working together. A letter that Crown Castle is sending out to its landowners warns of the pitfalls of dealing with various lease buyout companies. However, the letter has one noticeable buyout company not included in the […]

Water Tower Cell Site Lease Buyouts

We recently provided a consultation for a municipality that was pondering the sale of its cell tower leases on its water towers and electric transmission poles to a lease buyout firm. Like many municipalities, this particular city was looking at the lease buyout as a means of increasing available funds without raising taxes.

Global Signal/ Sprint Tower Lease To Easement Conversions

Global Signal recently purchased through a long term lease 6000+ cell phone towers from Sprint PCS. In response to these transactions, Global Signal has approached landowners requesting that they sell out the interest in the ground lease for the cell phone tower to Global Signal in return for a lump sum payment and a assignment […]

Municipalities Undervalue Cell Tower Leases by Bidding

I recently read another story about a municipality that created an auction to bid off the rights to lease its wireless properties. The municipality- which will remain nameless- provided an RFP to the wireless carriers to gauge interest for its municipal properties. The story was written from the perspective of how successful this auction was […]