This is Why We Think Crown Castle’s Acquisition of Sunesys is a Smart Move

Crown Castle International (CCI) is currently the #1-ranked cell tower company in the nation, and owns approximately 40,000 cell towers.  CCI receives most of its revenue from subleasing space on Crown cell towers to wireless carriers.   On April 30, 2015, CCI announced that it would acquire Sunesys, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quanta Services, for $1 billion.   Sunesys […]

How the sale of Verizon towers will impact leaseholders

WHY VERIZON’S TOWER SALE WILL SET THE MARKET Verizon has hired an investment bank to assist it with the possible sale of its tower assets.  Macquarie Securities analyst Kevin Smithen estimates that there are 12,500 towers that might be part of the offering.  We suspect that the actual number will be smaller than that but […]

Are U.S. carriers throttling Wi-Fi offload until after next year’s spectrum auction?

Are U.S. carriers holding out on Wi-Fi offloading until after next year’s spectrum auction? WiFi offloading is when carriers use WiFi hotspots as an accessory to support the demand placed on cellular networks.  Internationally, top-tier carriers are relying heavily on Wi-Fi hotspots to augment skyrocketing mobile device usage, especially in Asia, due to limited spectrum […]

How Will the Data Tsunami Affect You?

It makes sense that subscribers with access to 4G LTE use more data – because faster connections result in a better user experience. According to  Mobile data information company Mobidia,  in Hong Kong, for example, LTE subscribers used nearly 100% more data than 3G subscribers.

U.S. Carrier Aggregation and Capital Expenditure

Carrier aggregation is a complex technology, to say the least, however the goal is relatively easy to understand. The basic idea is that LTE carrier aggregation technology allows independent carriers to pool their spectrum bands together to create a contiguous and wider band, resulting in a faster connection for subscribers and high data rates.