WiMAX a precursor to Consumer Device Connectivity?

The first WiMAX networks are planned to start in less than a week. According to Eric Lin of PhoneScoop.com, Sprint Nextel will “soft launch” its so called XOHM WiMax network in the next few days. Lin quotes Bin Shen, VP of Sprint Nextel’s Product Management and Partnership Development. Shen says “Chicago, Washington DC and Baltimore […]

Think there are too many cell towers in the US?

I read a fascinating article about the increase in the number of cell phone towers in India. According to this article in the Economic Times- there are currently 110,000 cell phone towers in India currently – however, there will be 90,000 added for 2007 and another 90,000 added for 2008. Compare this with the 180,000 […]

Recent Statistics on Cell Use in the US

“According to a Merrill Lynch report published at the end of 2005, the United States is enjoying a year-over-year growth of 14%. It is number three in the world in the number of wireless subscribers (behind China and a combined Europe) with a penetration rate of just over 67%. The average revenue per customer is […]

Interesting Cell Phone Statistics

Some statistics provided by CTIA that I found interesting. When the industry started, only 23 wireless phone conversations could occur simultaneously in the same service area. As demand grew, the FCC changed its position and promised the industry that “if the technology to build better mobile phone service works, we will increase the cellular phone […]