Sprint Enters the Lease Renegotiation Game Again

A landowner client of ours received this email from LCC, a company allegedly acting on behalf of Sprint where they claim that if the landowner doesn’t agree to concessions, that Lendlease will consider relocating the Sprint site. If you receive a similar request from Sprint, LCC, or Lendlease or another cell tower lease optimization company, […]

Cell Tower On Your Property Page

In going over our website statistics, we noticed that there is an increasing interest by landowners in having a cellular tower erected on their property.   Since 2007, over 150,000 unique visitors have visited our website and gone to this page.  There seems to be a clear trend that the number of visitors per month to the page has […]

Crossroads Wireless- Bankruptcy!

Many people contacted Steel in the Air, Inc about the possibility of getting assistance with negotiating land leases with Crossroads Wireless. After one or two consultations, we chose not to take on any of these clients because our experience in dealing with Crossroads agents proved that they would not make changes to their lease.

Cincinnati Bell Wireless and Lazy Site Acquisition

A potential client received a letter from Cincinnati Bell Wireless stating that they have reviewed the client’s property and were potentially interested in leasing a portion of the property for their cell tower site. The letter includes a template lease from Cincinnati Bell Wireless and a request for the landowner to review the lease with […]