Our 2022 Predictions for the Wireless Industry

Steel in the Air’s 2022 Predictions for Cell Tower Leasing and Valuation. While 2021 certainly impacted many industries negatively, the wireless industry wasn’t one of them. This past year was a particularly strong year for tower companies and landowners. Looking forward into 2022, we see more of the same. Wireless Service Provider Predictions. Wireless service […]

When is a Building Permit Required for Equipment Changes?

When is a Building Permit Required for Equipment Changes? In recent years, our clients have experienced a number of requests for modifications to existing cell sites.   Both tower owners and rooftop owners are getting these requests from the wireless carriers to upgrade their cell sites.  Typically these upgrades are for 5G or other advanced wireless […]

What’s Happening with Cell Tower Leases in 2021?

Earlier this month, we did our Wireless Industry Forecasts for 2021 webinar, which is available for viewing here, along with some other webinars about the industry that we did in 2020. While there were a few forecasts related to wireless leasing in the webinar, we thought it might be helpful to pen a blog post […]

Getting What You Deserve from your Cell Tower Lease!

Getting What You Deserve from your Cell Tower Lease! Missing Income: Electric and tax reimbursement clauses in cell site leases. In the standard cell tower lease, most of the compensation comes from rent, which typically increases over the course of the lease due to escalation. In a small percentage of leases, the landowner may receive […]

Where Elliott Management’s Attack on Crown Castle Small Cell Strategy Hits and Misses

We reviewed the Elliott Management slickly produced attack on Crown Castle ($CCI). In short, Elliott believes that CCI has underperformed its peers, American Tower (AMT) and SBA Communications (SBAC). While the underperformance is clear, I also think that Elliott’s analysis omits to give proper credence to the opportunity that fiber/small cells may provide to Crown Castle that its peers will miss.

AT&T Terminated 630 Cell Sites in 2019

AT&T (via BlackDot), is contacting tower owners and landowners and trying to convince them to renegotiate their leases.  If you have read our previous content- there isn’t much new to this renegotiation story except for the following letter that they provided to one of our clients. The highlighted part is the interesting part- AT&T claims […]