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We regularly review requests from carriers for cell tower lease modifications on our client’s structures and towers.  One of the hurdles we find in doing so is the inconsistency of the information that is provided.  Some site ac vendors waste a significant amount of time sending over ridiculous consent letters for leases that clearly spell out that any changes require an amendment.  Others send over just the construction drawings – forcing us to ask for the structural analysis and spec sheets.  So when one of our clients received the following request from a T-Mobile representative for a equipment mod that was concise and helpful, I thought it warranted calling attention to it.

This email makes it easy to find the appropriate documentation we need to review the site and that I would have otherwise had to ask for in a collocation/modification application.  We will prioritize this request simply because this woman from T-Mobile spent the time to provide a succinct and helpful summary of information.   Kudos to T-Mobile’s agent here!


“I wanted to go ahead and get things rolling with this site…I have received several documents and wanted to start sending them your way for you to process.  I have engaged _____ for all A&E services since they have worked this site in the past for T-Mobile and you will be familiar with their work and format. 



Attached please find the following:

    • Final Construction Drawings, dated 01/04/2022
    • Passing Mount Analysis – Conditional, dated 12 23 2021.  The condition for passing can be found in the report on Page 4, Section F.  The report calls out for the proposed equipment to be installed on 2.5” SCH 40 Pipe mounts.  
    • Passing Structural Analysis, dated 12/29/2021
Site ID Site Class Antenna RAD Center Azimuths Address County Proposed Antenna Proposed Radio Site Frequencies
(3) Commscope - FFHH-65C-R3
(3) Ericsson - AIR6449 B41
(3) Radio 4460 B25+B66
(3) Radio 4480 B71+B85

Equipment Specs:

The following equipment specification sheets are attached:

    • Commscope FFHH-65C-R3 Panel Antenna
    • Ericsson AIR6449 B41 Panel Antenna
    • Ericsson 4460 B25+B66 RRU (Radio)
    • Ericsson 4480 B71+B85 RRU (Radio)
    • Commscope Hybrid Trunk



General Contractor:

The General Contractor will be Ericsson.  The Ericsson Point of Contact is:  



Can you please provide the COI requirements (or past example) and I will get those in the works from T-Mobile and the General Contractor.


Draft Amendment:

I apologize if we discussed the previously, can you remind me if the draft amendment will be provided by you or is that something I can pull together and provide to you for review?


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