• (Neil and you) both did a superior job. I am really happy with the results. I have recommended you to a few other people.

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  • Ken, The report is very good and is exactly what we needed. We will use your services again when (our other leases come up for expiration).

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  • Ken, We received the offer from Md7 and didn-t really know what to do with it. None of us had dealt with this issue. I told another member of the church that there had to be a company that did this type of thing- that worked for our side. I did a search for cell tower company contracts on the internet and your site popped up. I am glad we found you. Your report was just what we were looking for. I work with a number of towns and municipalities and have already let one of them that has cell towers know that they need to use your services. I thak you and the Church thanks you for your efforts. (Paraphrased from telephone discussion)

    Chuck from Rulant, MA AT&T, Lease Renegotiation
  • They accepted the offer subject to final Management approval. It would appear, subject to some unforseen circumstances that things will proceed to a closing. Our tower experince from start to finish has been a good one and very rewarding. The input we have recieved from Ken Schmidt and Steel in the Air played a major role in making that happen! Many thanks!!

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  • They approved (what you recommended). Thanks for your invaluable help.

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  • I received your assessment and wish to commend you and your staff on such a professional, complete, and informative job. I have built my entire business career on surrounding himself with exceptional people and am gratified to know that SITA is now part of my team and that SITA will be look out for his best interest regarding his cellular tower. Thank you. (Paraphrased from phone call from client)

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  • AT&T proposed a payment of additional $xx,xxx covering the additional $xxx/mo for the next 7 years. Thanks for all the fine support on this one.

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  • Ken, Here is what we ended up with after several amendments. We are happy with the results and it is very close to what you told us to ask for. Without your help we would have been lost. We certainly appreciated all the help and advise you provided. The committee has approved the contract as is and will be sending us final papers to sign soon. Thanks again.

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