• Ken, Your report was excellent. It provided us a lot of valuable information. It was well drafted and informative. We will definitely be able to use it in our negotiations.

    Frank from MI American Tower Corp, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Ken, You are very articulate and rationale. Your information have proven to be very valuable to us and was well worth what we paid for it.

    Terry from AR American Tower Corp, Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • The Executive Director and I have reviewed our assessment and found it to be very helpful. We did have a phone conference with Black Dot and declined AT&T offer to renegotiate a new lease. We are very satisfied and thank you the work you completed.

    Caroline from Duluth, MN Lease or Site Audit
  • Thanks Ken. We’ll get this finalized soon. It’s been a great learning experience for us. Thank you for your expertise.

    Jennifer from WA Nextel, Lease Expansion
  • My attorney received the (signed) contract last week- Your help was instrumental and extremely valuable.

    Tim from Aptos, CA AT&T, Lease Expansion
  • Ken, Add another notch on your belt. I proposed your suggested offer to them and they accepted without any changes. Thanks for your help.

    John from Pleasant Hill, CA Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Ken Just wanted to let you know for your database that we got $xxx,xxx for the lease from Crown. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were of great assistance. Thanks,

    Gerald from Katy, TX Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • (The report was) very good – client was very satisfied and (you provided the) internal cover he needed with his board, too. Thanks.

    Steven from Grapevine, TX Crown Castle, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • I gotta tell ya, if you are a cell tower landlord and need help with any cell tower related issues, these are the people for you. They have no conflicts of interest, are friendly, knowledgeable and (honest) beyond anyone’s expectations. The folks there, Deb, Gypsy and Ken should be the only people you speak with. I’ve been in business a long time. This is the first time an attorney spoke to me, for quite some time, advised me that no changes to my lease were necessary, told me I didn’t need his service any further and refuses to charge me. These folks are a throwback to a time in America when people were more interested in helping you rather than them filling their pockets.

    John from NJ Crown Castle, Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • Dear Ken, My father and his lawyer are both very pleased with the report you provided us on the cell tower. If you can send us a bill, I will have my father send you a check immediately. I do hope that we will be able to call you again when we are actually at the process of negotiating. Once again, Thanks!

    Joan from Asheville, NC Lease Expansion
  • Thank you for the very thorough report on the Unison offer and the review of our cell site . We certainly have learned a lot through this process and my wife and I feel that the smartest thing we did was retain you for the evaluation. My wife and I now have a much clearer understanding of the value and problem areas the leases provide to us. We appreciate your timely report.

    Mike from Salinas, CA Unison, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • I have been checking my bank account and at 4:27 the $xxx,xxx transfer appeared in my account. Now I feel relieved and know that the deal is actually a reality. I really cannot thank both of you enough and the Steel In the Air (and Cell Tower Attorney) organization for the very professional and great job you did for me. I received a call last week from an older gentleman from the Washington DC area about his considering to work with Steel In the Air about a buyout or rent increase and I was happy to tell him about the very positive experiences I have had working with you folks. I wish you all peace, happiness and the very best of everything that life has to offer. I feel sad that I will not be working with you anymore but I will always be thinking about you guys and hope that I can refer to you as my friends. It would really be nice if I had several more towers on my property and then we could continue to work together but then again I guess that would be greedy and I am not greedy but I am so very thankful for the way this deal turned out and I know that the deal would not have been possible if it was not for Steel In the Air. Well … I guess I have to say good-bye and God bless and again Thank You, especially Ken and Neil for everything. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others that are thinking of doing business with Steel In the Air.

    Jerry from PA American Tower Corp, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Ken, We just received the lease amendment and the signing bonus and I have a check I need to send to you. We appreciate all of your assistance. It worked out as you said it would. Thanks,

    Shane from Gonzales, LA Lease Expiration
  • Ken, Thanks. (The report) was very helpful and thorough.

    Charlie from Ford, VA Crown Castle, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Based on the four year outcome of our consult with you, I am willing to provide an unconditional recommendation to any prospective customers that are interested in references. There is a good chance that we would have lost at least $24,000 in revenue over the past four years without the benefit of your knowledge and advice.

    Brian from Clarkston, MI Sprint, Lease Renegotiation
  • I just want to let you know that I reached an agreement with Crown Castle at $xxxk, thanks to your report, which I forwarded to them to show the logic of the bottom line price. You earned your fee 10x over and I want to thank you for your help. Thanks again.

    John from Spokane Valley, WA Crown Castle, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • I really appreciate the depth that you went into with your assessment. I am very happy with your report and glad that I contacted you. It seems like this is an industry that very few people have information about unless you work in the industry.

    John from Spokane Valley, WA Crown Castle, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Thank you for forwarding your cell tower analysis to Trinity Lutheran Church. It served us well in our decision making process to not release our current contract with AT&T.

    Bob from Vancouver, WA Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Ken: Thank you for your helpful answers over the past several months, and your patience. None of this would have been possible but for your report and your willingness to continue your help to us. Again, please accept my deepest gratitude.

    Jim from LA American Tower/Tristar, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • I browsed (the assessment) and looks very informative and thorough… thanks Ken. One of those few times we are getting real value for our $$, esp. considering the assist in sourcing competing offers and offering to evaluate them in comparison. Thanks again, I’ll send you what other offers we get… thanks.

    Drew from Newport Beach, CA Lease Buyout - Tower Company