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John from NC
Thank you for the knowledge on this website. I have been searching and all I could find to date was listing services that required a fee. You saved me wasting the listing fee. You are certainly appreciated!
Ron from Falls City, OR
I believe, at this point, it looks like we have a signed option which will hopefully become a site in the future. They will be before the County Planning Commission for approval soon. Thanks for your advice!
Jeff from CA
I want to thank you for your assistance. Your advice has once again paid for itself.
Michael from CA
The matter has now settled based, in large part, on the work you did.
Robert from Milton, DE
We finalized our deal with Cingular today. They were reluctant to come up to $xxxx.xx, but they agreed. I appreciate all of your help.

Jim from IN

Tri Star paid a hefty lump sump for the remainder of (the tower company-s) lease and mom signed an extension for a percentage of income

Lloyd from Ashland, OR

Ken, We finalized at $xxxx/mo, x% yearly increase, and $xxxx option money for 18 months. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Linda from Pittsburg, PA

The background you provided and the reasoning that went into your recommendation was very enlightening. I always felt that the site was very valuable, but

Wayne from CA

Thank you for your evaluation and guidance. I wanted to let you know the final outcome. We have agreed on the following: $xxxx.xx/mo and x%

Condo Association from FL

Hi, Ken, Just wanted to let you know that the Board met on Tuesday and took your advice, deciding not to renegotiate the lease with

A depiction of a monopole cell tower located at the rear of a self-storage facility

STEEL IN THE AIR: Great Company!!

I was in the cellular business as a Nextel dealer, and I’d always heard stories of landowners being taken advantage of by cell tower companies. I’m currently the owner of a self-storage facility, and I was approached by two different tower companies wanting to build on my property. I immediately reached out to a couple of my former Nextel executives for advice, and they both highly recommended Ken at Steel in the Air. Ken knows this industry inside and out and performed a

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