• Much appreciate the quick response and the assessment. We will follow up as you have indicated. Your company has been excellent to work with. Do call us if we can be of service to you in any way as well. After all we are a church that’s what we do.

    Ron from VA Church, Not for Profit, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Ken, I have to share this testimonial with you: We spent $3,500 to consult with you on our T-Mobile and Sprint lease sales, and you noticed a problem with Verizon’s lease payments relating to the CPI increases. I looked into it further, and this morning we received a check for $10,811 in back lease payments ‐ a 300% ROI! Thanks for all you’ve done helping us!

    Jeff from OH Church, Not for Profit, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Ken, Just wanted to tell you that the timing of the sale of the leases that you helped us with could not have worked out better. I bought a new store, bought out my partner, and bought a farm which then had a gas well drilled. I can’t tell you how great this worked out for me. Let me know if I can ever do anything to help you out.

    Mark from PA Private Landowner, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • You were wonderful to deal with. We very much appreciate your assistance. If you ever need a reference, we would be happy to tell people about how good of a job you did for us. I am the senior associate pastor for the church and I often have to deal with issues that aren’t always pleasant, but dealing with your firm has been wonderful. You have been exceptionally helpful. Retaining you has definitely paid off in that we increased our offers. Thank you so much for your help.

    Bob from CA Church, Not for Profit, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Your analysis was very helpful. It gave me a very good sense of how these companies look at these types of (towers).

    Steve from CA Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • I am so pleased with your assessment report and phone call. Thank you for shining the light in the darkness! Thanks,

    Barb from CA Private Property Landowner, Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • Your report was exactly what we were looking for. We are glad that we consulted with Steel in the Air.

    Shelley from WA Corporate Landowner, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Your ears may be burning because I’ve been singing the praises of SITA to our new COO in light of yet another “offer” we have received to buy out our cell tower leases for a 20 or 30 year term. As always, we appreciate your professional insight and continue to value the site assessments you have done for the our School District over the years, which have resulted in higher lease rates, better escalation clauses, and greater control of the site by the District. Whenever the next carrier approaches us for a tower, we will most certainly be on the phone to you to contract for an estimate of value.

    Mike from WA School District, Not for Profit, Municipal, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • (Your assessment) looks excellent to me. Thank you for the quick turnaround- very impressive.

    Kevin from FL AT&T, Large Landowner, Tower Owner, Lease Expansion
  • Ken, Thank you so much for everything. I am so glad that we ran into you.

    Bill from FL Attorney, Condo Association, Legal Review
  • A big THANK YOU to everyone for their help!! Everyone was super nice and so professional!!! Gypsy, This never would have happened without your help & encouragement. You made me think I could pull this off & then proceeded to tell me how to do it!!

    Bobbie from AK Private Landowner, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • Ken, Thank you for the comprehensive report. It is very informative.

    Dave from PA Corporate Landowner, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Ken, Your report was very thorough and well done. Thank you for what you have done so far.

    Nancy from CT Crown Castle, Private Landowner, Lease Expiration
  • I wanted to let you know we made a deal with CCI (Crown). We are really pleased and excited where we ended up so quickly. Your help was the key, and just mentioning your name made a difference. You can use me as a reference anytime. Thank you again!!

    Ken from CT Church, Not For Profit, Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • Hi, Just to let you know that my father finally reached an agreement and a new lease with US Cellular. New monthly rent is $x,xxx (had been $xxx/month of which he was getting only half). Plus they are paying him back money owed from paying the wrong relative. It took a long time but was worth it.

    Joan from NC Large Landowner, Private, US Cellular, Lease Expiration
  • Thank you for all your hard work, integrity and honesty as we have worked this out. Your service as truly been a blessing from God.

    Walt from MI Church/Not for Profit, Mobilitie Lease Buyout, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Ken, Thank you so much for the assessment and all the helpful information. We feel we definitely got our money’s worth. We feel much more confident now in this negotiation than before. Thanks,

    Carolyn from OR Large Landowner, American Tower Corp., Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • I wanted to thank you and Ken for reviewing my tower lease and the analysis was straight forward and extremely useful to weigh my options. Again, thank you for your time and analysis.

    Timothy from OK Private Landowner, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Dear Ken, Thank you very much for such a timely turn around in getting the report to us. This is extremely helpful in our ability to determine the value of the property within our deadline. Once again, thanks very much for your valuable assistance.

    Dennis from CA Building Owner, Non-Profit, Rooftop Lease Valuation, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your assistance on our agreement with ATC on our site. Your counsel was valuable in getting to a great resolution of the lease. We are still waiting on final execution, but ATC forwarded to us in advance the one – time payment.

    Wes from NC American Tower Corp., Lease Extension - Tower Company

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