• Excellent work! You exceeded my expectations. It is very comforting to know we have an expert to guide us through the next steps for managing our antenna leases effectively.

    Charlie from Sausalito, CA City of Sausalito, Lease or Site Audit
  • The product is exceptional! It was straightforward, thorough, informative, and persuasive. I was a bit hesitant to ask the church to approve a $500 dollar hourly fee for a company of which I had minimal knowledge… Your work, attentiveness to detail, and willingness to share your knowledge have sustained my faith, and leveraged the playing field for the church. Thank you so much.

    Roberta from MD Unison, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Clear Wireless verbally approved the lease and is preparing documents for execution. Thanks again, Ken, for all your great assistance.

    Jim from OR Clearwire, Lease Expansion
  • Just a note to thank you again for your assistance in preparing a contract with T-Mobile. You were invaluable. We signed the contract a couple of weeks ago, and T-Mobile now has signed off on their end of it. We have a sound basis on which to work, and that includes not just the background research and careful Legal Review thinking with which you were of such assistance, but also the relationship we’ve now built up with T-Mobile: There’s a real measure of trust now. Of course, the real relationship begins now! Thanks again! Your report is excellent and has aided us in making our decision.

    Bill from VA T-Mobile, Legal Review
  • Your expertise is exceptional and shows throughout your examination of the TowerCo lease buyout proposal. It is very helpful to have your experience and subsequent insight into the cell tower business.

    Stuart from CA TowerCo, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • My dad was very happy with the information that you presented, and he wants to pay your bill. I believe that we will be negotiating for an increase, and would like to reserve the opportunity to call you (or have our attorney call you).

    Ed from MA Lease Extension - Tower Company
  • Everything in the assessment was fine and answered all the questions we needed answered. Thanks for the write up. Thanks for your help,

    Trent from WA Verizon, Lease Expansion
  • As of now, our attorney is finalizing the language on the lease. We have agreed on terms you and I discussed. They went for the revenue sharing, $x,xxx monthly, x% escalation, and attorney fees. As soon as the lease is finished, the parties will execute. Thanks so much for your help with this.

    Barbara from MA T-Mobile, Proposed Lease
  • The evening, the (Condo Association) unanimously voted to forego any further consideration of the (proposed lease buyout), regarding our T-Mobile lease. Your report was most informative and instrumental in helping the Board in making this decision.

    Charles from Mt. Vernone, MA Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Thanks again for all your information and advice, Ken. Making the call to you was one of the best decisions we’ve made all month!

    Sheron from CO MD7, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • My husband and I want to express our gratitude for your recent assistance with the transfer of our tower lease. In my occupation as a nurse I am blessed to often see the direct result of my work. Your position and business being transaction based would seem to lend to less awareness of the end result of your hard work. In the event that is the case please allow Todd and I to report the customer service we received from Michele made a lasting impression on us. Michele offered the perfect balance of professionalism with a personal touch. It meant a lot to us to have Michele’s kind guidance with what was an unfamiliar process. Michele assured us her skill and caring attention is the standard of your company. For that we congratulate you and thank you for the commitment to our needs.

    Todd & Barbie from AL Unison, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • I have sent your invoice to our church office to get you a check. I shared your work with our board and they were duly impressed and appreciative. If you need a reference please let me know. I turned the report over to our administrative team so they will be contacting the companies you listed as potentially interested parties. Thanks again so much for helping is out.

    Tad from Shoreline, WA WCP, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • Crown agreed within minutes to our counterproposal. We really want to thank you for your help.

    Ray from TX Crown Castle, Lease Buyout - 3rd Party
  • I want to thank you for your efforts and time. It has been very informative and helpful to the family.

    Mike from Cedartown, GA American Tower and Tristar, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service you provided to my family and I. I’m very lucky I found you. Your rates are very reasonable and you know your stuff which is why we chose you. I am looking forward to working with you to find new carriers to add to my site. Thanks again.

    Ray from San Diego, CA Proposed Lease
  • It sounds like we are going to finalize the contract. I did take it through a lawyer and he pretty much agreed with all of the comments you made…. I really appreciate what you have done.

    Gene from WA Lease Expansion
  • Thanks for the help on this, I’ll use the money towards taking my family on a cruise next spring as my daughter is graduating from high school, and this will let us bump up a notch on the trip. Like my attorney told me, it’s found money, and again appreciate the comments and lesson I learned here.

    Bob from WI Proposed Lease
  • Thanks for all of your help. We received the offer we wanted

    Jack from TX Lease Renegotiation
  • I’ve signed the lease with Western Wireless. Thank you very much for your good help in this. I thought you would like to know that they agreed to almost all the language.

    Beth from AZ Proposed Lease
  • I just wanted to thank you for your help. The conversations we had with you helped us to make the right decisions. Your expertise is very much appreciated.

    Steve & Jan from IL AT&T, Lease Renegotiation

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