• Our lease has been approved within the range Ken recommended. Ken has been great to work with!

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  • You and your staff gave me a lot more than just extra money from the sales, it is the knowledge and peace of mind in knowing that I could make a wise decision based on actual facts and analysis. I have no hesitation to give you my recommendation. Your service is way beyond my expectation and your expertise is above of all of your competition.

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  • Kudos to you for the way you do business. In all my 63 years, I have not encountered another company that exudes class and quality the way you do. I am sure you will continue to have amazing success as long as you keep up your commitment to professionalism with a caring heart.

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  • I was working on a short turnaround and you accommodated that very well, thank you.

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  • My operations committee was quite appreciative of you analysis of the antennas on that structure. To a person, they commented that the information was detailed enough to clearly substantiate your points without be over our heads complicated.

    Marshall from Austin, TX Church, Lease Buyout,
  • The assessment was very help to us and we are very please with the outcome of our negotiations. This was money well spent. We had very good follow up with Ken and he was helpful and accommodating.

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  • SITA is Golden! We closed our deal with a substantial increase over the initial offer.

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  • Steel in the Air was very helpful and did a great job. Was able to negotiate what SITA recommended.

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  • SITA was very helpful. We were able to close our deal with an increase over the initial offer.

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  • We were very happy with the assessment Steel In The Air provided, the information was exactly what we needed. We were able to closed the deal at the rate SITA recommended.

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  • Ken: We have closed with Crown Castle and they have just wired the proceeds to our firm’s trust account. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I continue to refer people to you. Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you so very much!

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  • Thank you for your efficient responses and detailed report

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  • Steel In The Air provided highly valuable information. The carrier accepted their recommendation.

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  • We were very pleased with the information Steel In The Air provided.

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  • Steel In The Air provides a great service. We have signed our extension and are very happy with the outcome.

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  • WOW, I am completely impressed with the level of research and the scope of coverage of all sectors related to anything cell tower!! This strengthens my belief that your service is the best way to go for anyone with a cell site!

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  • I am very pleased with our past work and the work on this most recent assessment. I will forever use SITA on all five cell sites on my property. Please always use me as a reference if needed.

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  • You were right,they finally caved in and agreed to my terms.Your service and expertise was well worth it. No way I could have done this myself.

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  • First, let me compliment you on the quality of your report. I have been in business for 40 years. I have reviewed, even written, many reports with a variety of purposes and on many different subjects; so I know the difference between grades of professional work quality. Based on thoroughness, depth of thinking and professional presentation, your report ranks among the best of I have seen.

    Ron from NC Investment Group, Lease Buyout,
  • Ken, Just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge that you are there. Gypsy was very helpful to me some years ago when I had questions about possibly selling our leases or renewing our leases. It is truly wonderful to know that you are there to help. I also enjoy reading your newsletters, very interesting and I am sure that other lease owners would agree.

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