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Since 2004, we've been assisting property owners, government entities and small tower owners with wireless asset valuation and lease negotiations against wireless carriers, tower companies and lease buyout companies. We've also helped broker over $1 billion in wireless assets for small tower owners. We've created this website to be a valuable industry resource. If you cannot find easy answers to your questions by browsing our site, please contact us.

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At Steel in the Air, we value our corporate reputation and can proudly say that we deserve it. For expert, ethical and data-driven guidance on anything related to the cell tower industry, contact us.

Since 2004, we have:

  • Assisted 2,500+ clients nationwide with cellular asset valuation and lease negotiations
  • Reviewed 8,000+ cellular leases
  • Performed 3,000+ consultations
  • Tracked 285,000 cell towers and cell sites
  • Helped broker $800 million in tower sales
  • Received 250+ glowing testimonials

Our Client Testimonials

Ken, Thank you so much for the assessment and all the helpful information. We feel we definitely got our money's worth. We feel much more confident now in this negotiation than before. Thanks,

Carolyn from OR
Large Landowner, American Tower Corp., Lease Extension - Tower Company

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Cellular Asset Database

Steel in the Air's proprietary database comprises four major areas of client inquiry: Cellular Lease Rates, Lease Buyouts, Tower Sales and Tower Locations. Our cell site data spans all 50 states, as well as parts of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We actively poll public entities regarding their wireless leases and input specific data points. We utilize and cross-check public sources, such as the FCC, with private sources (e.g., our clients) to ensure that all variables are relevant, accurate and actionable. We have amassed more data about lease valuations, tower locations, industry players and final settlement offers than any other expert who advises landowners.