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SITA is clearly professional and knowledgeable. They did their research and homework and presented an extensive proposal.   Their proposal was spot on with the potential we could achieve and exceeded our expectations.


With SITA’S proposal in hand, we were able to hold firm during the negotiation process and we were able to achieve all the expectations/recommendations of their proposal and in some areas met some of the “aggressive” predictions. Ken, Gypsy, Matt and their entire team at SITA were available to “hold our hand” during the complete negotiation process. SITA knows the cell tower business.  We had worked with Gypsy previously, and Gypsy and her team have played an important and instrumental role in our role as a cell tower Landowner. When it came time for a contract renewal, we felt strongly that we needed to hire SITA as a consultant. Hiring SITA was the best investment we made.


Any property owner doing business with a cell tower company needs to get to know and utilize SITA. You won’t be disappointed and will be pleasantly surprised as to the value of the tower on your property. SITA represents EXCELLANCE and they know and understand the Cell Tower business! Very Impressive!


Midwest Client (requested to be left anonymous)

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