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The 3rd Inning of 5G Deployment is Over - Now What?

Join Wade Sarver (Wade2Wireless), Nick Del Deo (Moffett Nathanson), and yours truly for a roundtable discussion on the future of 5G in the US.
After an aggressive start to deployment with small cells, midband spectrum, and DISH rapidly deploying a 5G network from scratch, the industry came to an abrupt slow-down in the last few months on 5G builds.Join us as we discuss the following topics:

The First 5 Years of 5G
– What has worked?
– What hasn’t?
– And What is the Jury Still Out on?

The Downturn of Late 2023
– Layoffs and Slowdowns
– DISH Before and After June 2023 Deadline
– 5G From the Consumer and Enterprise Perspective

Going Forward
– Next Phase of Deployment
– Wade, Nick, and Ken’s Winners and Losers

What Does 2022 Look Like for Tower Owners

In this online seminar, we discuss the outlook for 2022 for tower owners, together with Bruce Wendt from SteelTree Partners.

Topics to include:

  • Tower Valuations in 2022 and Beyond
  • How Today’s Buyers View Tower Assets in 2022
  • What Makes A Tower Portfolio More or Less Desirable
  • Advice for Maximizing Portfolio Valuations for Tower Developers
SteelTree Partners is one of the leading tower M&A advisory firms in the United States, having assisted in the sale of over $3 billion in tower assets across North, Central, and South America over the last 20 years.

Naughty and Nice Practices of the Wireless Industry.

We’re discussing the naughty and nice practices of the wireless industry that might affect your cell tower lease. Some are nice and helpful while others are not.

  • Revenue Sharing Practices
  • Lease Audit Practices
  • Renegotiation Tactics
  • Consent Requests
  • The C-Band Expanding Lease Area

…and more.

DISH- Expectations of Their Wireless Network Build in 2022

As DISH prepares to launch its network in its first city (Las Vegas) in the United States, there is a lot of interest in how DISH will deploy the first built-from-scratch cellular nationwide network in the US in over a decade. During the webinar, you can expect to learn about:

  • What are we collectively seeing regarding the level and timing of DISH network development activity across the US?
  • What does the near-term future hold for DISH? Will they meet their FCC-mandated coverage and population requirements?
  • What can we tell about DISH’s business plan based upon the development work done to date?
  • What can tower owners and landowners expect from DISH leasing activity?

And much more!

Lessons Learned From Early Us 5g Deployments

For our next webinar, Ken is joined by Wade Sarver of Wade4Wireless as they discuss their observations on 5G deployments in the US to date.

Wade has a deep background on the engineering side of wireless and is at the forefront of some of the ongoing 5G deployments in the US.

  • What has worked for the industry, and what hasn’t?
  • What are the surprises from 5G deployments to date?
  • What changes in carrier 5G deployment do Ken and Wade expect to see going forward?
  • What will CBRS bring to the table?
  • Who’s winning in the US?

Steel In The Air 2021 Predictions For Wireless

This webinar is a discussion between Ken Schmidt and Wade Sarver where they address their thoughts on the following questions:

  • Can lease buyout and tower sales multiples continue to increase?
  • What type of activity can we expect from DISH? (and where)
  • When might we start seeing Sprint lease terminations?
  • What does 5G look like at the end of 2021?
  • Which companies will have a great 2021?

What’s Next For Cell Tower And Cell Site Landowners Now That T-mobile And Sprint Have Merged?

In this seminar, we examine what requirements each company has and how that might impact cell tower and the underlying cell site leases. Here is what you should expect to learn from this seminar:
  • What obligations do T-Mobile and DISH have to the FCC and Department of Justice.
  • What we know and what we don’t know about the potential terminations.
  • Which sites are more likely to end up being terminated.
  • Why lease buyout and lease optimization companies will use the merger to encourage the sale or renegotiation of leases.
  • What savvy landowners should or should not do regarding their leases.

Impact Of 5g On Cell Towers And Tower Leases

Carriers are adding 5G to towers, and small cells are still being deployed. This is a webinar on what will happen to cell towers and cell tower leases as a result of changes from 5G. We start with an overview of what 5G is and how it will be deployed. We then examine the upside to tower owners and site owners from 5G modifications. Lastly, we delve into whether terminations of existing leases are possible or probable as a result of small cell deployment.

Questions to be answered include:

  • Will small cells replace towers?
  • Will towers become obsolete?
  • Will 5G improve the value of my tower?
  • Is my lease at risk?
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