I highly recommend their services, and especially the prepaid lease primer, to anyone facing similar circumstances. 

As a landowner in Sequatchie, Tennessee, I recently found myself in a challenging situation when approached with an offer from a cell phone tower builder. Navigating these waters is daunting, as builders often have the upper hand. I was especially concerned about the long-term implications of accepting a lump sum for a permanent easement on my property. That’s when I turned to Steel in the Air for guidance. Their concise yet comprehensive primer was a huge relief. It provided me with the essential knowledge and understanding I needed to navigate this complex situation. With limited time to make a decision, their advice was not only relevant but immediately applicable. Thanks to Steel in the Air, I was able to make an informed decision, confident in my understanding of the nuances of this deal. I highly recommend their services, and especially this primer, to anyone facing similar circumstances.

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