• Our lease is signed and construction started least month. We are very pleased with the deal we made. The assessment from SITA sure was a help to us.

    Gary from Hael, MO PrivateLandowner, Other Tower Company Proposed Lease
  • Great and valuable service! SITA provided very helpful information and Steve was great to work with and very responsive.

    Alvin from Shreveport, LA Business Owner, Broadcast Lease Expiration
  • Absolutely could not have done this deal without assistance. Steve is the best! We got a fair deal that was far better than we could have done on our own.

    Carol from Owego, NY Private Landowner, CCI Lease Extension
  • We received lots of ammo from SITA. Now anticipating a 2016 build out. SITA provided good info and great service.

    Martin from LA Business Operator, Verizon Proposed Lease
  • To evaluate the business terms of the proposed lease, I retained Steel In The Air, a telecom consulting company that works exclusively with landowners (and does not work for the tower companies or carriers). A thorough market analysis of the proposed lease was done. From SITA’s proprietary database, they were able to tell me what all the existing cell phone towers are pulling for rent in a 25 mile radius of the proposed site. I was very impressed. Also they are very reasonably priced.

    Sara from Boston, MA Attorney and Private Landowner, Proposed Lease
  • I was able to obtain a significant increase by working with Steel In the Air! I am totally happy with the outcome of this lease buyout project.

    Richard from OH Private Landowner, American Tower Lease/Tower Buyout
  • The report from Steel In The Air was very thorough and informative.

    Nancy from FL Pastor of Church, Crown Castle Lease/Tower Buyout
  • The assessment was extremely helpful! I am happy to recommend SITA!

    Paul from WA Private Landowner, Proposed Lease
  • Crown Castle accepted all the changes that Steel In The Air recommended. SITA’s work was phenomenal. The fee was money well spent. They provided outstanding customer service. It is very obvious that the staff knows what they are doing. We even managed to get an additional ground space lease worth several thousand dollars a year. We were blown away!

    Tim from Macon, GA CFO of Non Profit, CCI Lease Extension
  • The report from Steel In The Air was invaluable! We just received the check for the higher signing bonus that SITA recommended. We are very happy.

    Mike from MN Municipal Township, CCI Lease Extension
  • We have signed the lease and are just waiting for zoning and municipal approval. The report from Steel In The Air was extremely helpful. Their pricing and insight of the terms were very comprehensive.

    Pete from CA Board Member of HOA, Verizon Proposed Lease
  • Our lease is signed and the pole is up! I followed all of SITA’s instructions. We were very please with the report.

    Martin from AL Private Landowner, Verizon Proposed Lease
  • We have decided not to sell our lease. Your report and our additional inquiries to other reliable sources affirmed taking this action. We offer a special thanks to you and your staff for providing a thorough and informative report to guide us. We are also grateful for your onsite visit and the time you and your staff spent answering our many questions.

    Nancy from FL Church Pastor, Lease Buyout - Tower Company
  • We just signed off on the lease extension at the top of the range recommended by SITA. The assessment was great!

    Valissa from CO Church Administrator, Lease Expiration
  • The report was very useful for our management team, very thorough job!

    Mike from AZ Public Utility, Lease Valuation
  • Although AT&T gave up the project at our site, we have five other tower sites and will call SITA first if anything comes up. I was very impressed with the staff. The entire organization is a class act!

    Craig from UT Ranch Operator, AT&T Lease Renegotiation
  • The information we received in the assessment was perfect. Our negotiations went well, we are please with the terms we received.

    Cito from NC Private Landowner, CCI Lease Extension
  • Our client was very happy with the amount of increased received due to the information provided in the SITA assessment. It took a long time to get the deal done, but it was worth it.

    Craig from MN Attorney for Landowner, ATC Lease Extension
  • Ken Schmidt was very helpful guiding me when the carrier violated their agreement by placing equipment beyond the leased space on our rooftop. Bottom line – carrier has agreed to move equipment within 30 days back to the area permitted under the lease.

    Randall from MA HOA, Legal Review
  • It was great to work with Barbara many times before SITA was actually hired by us. She was very informative and spent a lot of her time on the phone with us. It was great to have someone on our side to help us understand the process.

    Ron from Weidman, MI Private Landowner, Verizon Proposed Lease