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David from Orlando, FL
I just wanted to let you know that Crown paid us the $xxx,xxx . We received it in the mail yesterday. They paid us a total of $xxx,xxx. As you may remember that is the value we determined. Thanks again for all your help. Please use me as a reference. If you are ever in Orlando, Florida I would like to meet you in person and treat you to a lunch or dinner. Thank you soooooooooooo much!
Jerry from KS
Ken, Here is what we ended up with after several amendments. We are happy with the results and it is very close to what you told us to ask for. Without your help we would have been lost. We certainly appreciated all the help and advise you provided. The committee has approved the contract as is and will be sending us final papers to sign soon. Thanks again.
Pat from AL
Guys, I am very pleased with the job the two of you have been doing. I would have given in four offers ago. Thanks for your help.
Nancy from AL
Ken, We thank you so much. We would be lost in this negotiation without your help. The best thing we have done is hire you! You are so knowledgable, professional, and prompt with responses. I would be happy to provide a reference for your business.
Deron from IN
Thank you for the assessment it is very extensive. I think my money was spent wisely.
Leslie from NV
Good morning Ken, Thank you so much for the assessment! We appreciate your efforts and findings. Have a great day!
Chris from FL
Just read through the assessment.- Excellent information, just what I need
Perry from TX
I am very happy with my report. You did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with you.
Leon from FL
Thank you for the information and help you have provided so far. We found that it was well worth the investment. We will continue to call you for follow up questions to get the best value out of our investment.
Ken from AZ
AT&T proposed a payment of additional $xx,xxx covering the additional $xxx/mo for the next 7 years. Thanks for all the fine support on this one.

Bill from TX

Timely response and excellent information provided. This helped me be confident in my negotiations.

Ben from CT

Excellent service. Thorough and detailed and very clearly explained. Highly recommend

Timothy from MA

Many times a year we were getting offers from interested parties willing to buy out our lease, but being a religious organization, we didn’t have

Matt from WI

Steel in the Air’s guidance, valuation, and assessment helped me renew my expiring ground lease and maximize my monthly rental income. The industry insight and

Gerald from FL

Our rent more than doubled, we received future revenue share and a substantial signing bonus. We never could for the life of us been able

Without this organization, I would be just one person trying to protect my interests against a huge corporation. 

About 20 years ago, Edge Wireless approached me about a cell tower on my 500-acre ranch in Western Oregon.  That interest died after they looked at the site.  A few years later, AT&T approached me, interested in a tower.  As interest grew, American Tower took over for the actual building of the tower.  Somewhere in this process, I was fortunate to discover Steel in the Air as a consultant.  They have been with me since, starting at the very beginning

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