Looking to sell a Tower?

Looking To Sell A Tower?

If You Are Looking To Sell Your Tower For A Fair Price, contact Us.

Steel in the Air was founded on principles of customer loyalty, integrity, expertise and innovation. Since 2004, we have been a trusted resource for private and public landowners, municipalities, independent tower owners, investors, and educators.

If you are a tower owner who has decided to sell your tower assets (whether a single tower or a portfolio of towers), you have come to the right place – just ask our clients.

If you’ve found our brokerage page, you may be familiar with our valuation and brokerage services for standing towers, and we would be happy to act as your agent and broker the sale for you. However, if you want to cut to the chase, we might be able to purchase your tower outright. If you have an existing offer and want to see if we can beat it, just ask.


How Steel In The Air Is Different:

We differentiate ourselves by providing a no-nonsense, ethical approach to tower transactions, as well as client relationships.

We solve problems quickly and efficiently to ensure satisfactory results, and keep you informed the whole way through.

We don’t retrade the terms of the transaction once the deal has been made.

Contact Us

    How can we help?

    If you are interested in selling your tower(s) and meet the following criteria, we are happy to make you an offer. There will be no obligation on your part, and no fee.

    “Our clients believe in us – because our interactions are founded on trust and reciprocity.”

    1. Must be standing and actively used within the past year;
    2. Must either be on owned ground or have at least 10 years remaining on a ground lease with the landowner;
    3. Must be located in the United States or Canada;
    4. If you are currently operating your own equipment on the tower, don’t worry. We can enter into a “lease-back” agreement whereby we purchase the tower while you maintain long term rights to operate your equipment on the site and the cash necessary to do so.

    Steel In The Air’s Process Guarantees:

    1. A Fair Price – We will provide you with a fair market offer and guarantee a straight-forward, easy, and agreeable process that will require minimal effort on your part.
    2. Easy and Open Due Diligence – Once you have decided to proceed in negotiations with us regarding the sale of your tower(s), we conduct our due diligence, at no cost or expense to you. This includes a review of:
      • Title
      • Structural Analysis
      • Ground Lease or Land Ownership
      • Tenant Leases
      • Zoning/ Permitting
    3. Effortless Closing – We are happy to assist with any issues that may arise during this transaction and make it our priority to close on time under the agreed upon Terms and Conditions. Closing time typically takes 60-120 days after the execution of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
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