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    Steel in the Air assists independent tower owners with tower and antenna site management, wireless asset valuation, lease administration and tower brokerage.


    It’s impossible to determine the fair market value of cellular leases based on what was negotiated in the past or what other tower owners have received or are receiving in the present. Each lease is as unique as the property it’s located on. Steel in the Air can help you determine the fair market value of your wireless asset, which is based on a multiple of factors, including the relative value to the carriers who are interested. We’ve reviewed over 8,000 cellular leases and served over 3,000 clients. Our proprietary databases are organically amassing data on nationwide cellular assets every day. If you’d like to know what a wireless carrier will pay to collocate on your tower, we can tell you. For now, you should know that individual tower owners often receive higher prices than large tower companies due to not being restricted by master leases.
    Tower Management


    Some tower collocation leases restrict the carriers’ ability to modify their equipment load, such as the addition of antennas, however many do not. We are regularly surprised by the willingness of small tower owners to allow modifications to their towers without asking for additional compensation. Steel in the Air performs cell tower and antenna site audits to determine how much wireless carriers will pay in lieu of foregoing these modifications. We know the sweet spot.


    We perform valuation services to level the playing field and gain insight into each parties’ motives in advance of actual negotiations. Using our proprietary database, we will analyze your tower location, its proximity to other cell sites and the current wireless infrastructure demand to determine the level of risk you need to consider before negotiations.


    Along with our partner, Steel Tree Partners, we have assisted in the sale of over $800 million towers. We can review purchase offers, and even facilitate a closed bidding process, if you choose to open that door. We can also review offers from lease buyout companies, who are interested in purchasing your existing leases.

    If you are interested in selling your tower outright, and prefer to skip the brokerage process, please see our page: Looking to Sell Your Tower?

    Please contact us for more information about cell site management and how we can help you maximize your revenue while minimizing the hassle of lease negotiations. And in the meantime, please take a look at our suggested articles and client testimonials.

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