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Tillman Infrastructure: Tower Company Profile & Cell Tower Lease

As a cell tower lease consultant specializing in advising landowners on deals with companies like Tillman Infrastructure, I’d like to share some insights and advice for those considering or currently engaged in a lease agreement with Tillman Infrastructure for cell tower deployment. Please note that Steel in the Air is not affiliated in any way with Tillman Infrastructure. If you incorrectly came across this website while searching for Tillman, please visit their website at www. Tillman infrastructure .com.

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    Understanding Tillman Infrastructure's Model

    Tillman Infrastructure is a rapidly growing company in the cell tower industry. They specialize in building towers for wireless carriers – under what’s known as a build-to-suit model. This means they actively seek out land to lease for new tower construction. Their aggressive expansion, particularly in rural areas, presents lucrative opportunities for landowners. However, landowners would be wise to consider all the pros/cons of entering into a lease with Tillman before doing so.

    Notably, Tillman Infrastructure has historically focused on a unique side of the business- “build-to-relo” towers- or built for relocation towers. In short, Tillman Infrastructure worked with AT&T and Verizon to build new towers near existing towers where AT&T and Verizon were collocated. Tillman’s proposal to AT&T and Verizon was simple- “we will build you a new tower and charge you much lower rent than the current tower owner is charging you.” Because it’s difficult to build a new tower near existing towers in areas with zoning regulations, Tillman focused on rural areas or areas without zoning restrictions. To date, Tillman has built more than 1,000 towers and purports to have another 2,500 in development.

    Key Considerations for Landowners

    1. Lease Rates and Terms:

    Tillman Infrastructure’s offers may vary based on location, the demand for service in the area, and the specific needs of their network. It’s crucial to understand the market rates in your area and negotiate accordingly. It’s also important to realize that Tillman is building towers to offer lower rents to carriers on nearby towers. Thus, they tend to be thriftier on their leases than other tower companies and it may be harder to negotiate better terms with them.

    2. Duration and Extension Options:

    Typically, cell tower leases are long-term commitments, often spanning 20-30 years with multiple renewal options. Understanding the long-term implications and ensuring flexibility for future adjustments is important.

    3. Colocation Rent or Revenue Sharing:

    If Tillman Infrastructure co-locates other carriers on the tower, there could be provisions for additional rent. However, in many cases, you may not be in a position to push for revenue sharing because Tillman can simply go to another piece of property nearby.

    4. Lease Buyouts:

    Tillman Infrastructure might offer ground lease buyouts or you might receive offers from other companies looking to buy the Tillman Infrastructure lease rights from you. While these can be appealing, it’s essential to weigh the immediate financial gain against the potential long-term revenue. We can help you make sense of these offers.

    5. Site Development and Maintenance:

    Understand the lease area, including tower height, ground space requirements, and easement and utility/access rights. Maintenance responsibilities should be clearly outlined in the lease agreement.

    Negotiation Tips

    · Hire a Professional: Consider hiring a consultant or attorney specializing in telecom leases like Steel in the Air. They can help you understand the nuances of the contract and ensure your interests are protected.

    · Research and Compare: Before entering negotiations, research lease rates and terms for similar towers in your area. This information can serve as a powerful tool during negotiations.

    · Consider Future Developments: The telecom industry is rapidly evolving. Ensure the lease agreement allows flexibility to adapt to future technological advancements or changes in market conditions.

    · Understand Termination Clauses: Be clear on the conditions under which either party can terminate the lease and the implications of such termination.

    Final Thoughts

    Like any cell tower lease, it can be very desirable to get the “mailbox money” – i.e. rent payments. However, Tillman is unlikely to offer their best terms initially. We can help you figure out whether there is room to negotiate with Tillman Infrastructure and how to get the best terms and conditions.

    Our initial discussion is free – and if we think your offer is a good one and know we can’t help- we won’t try to convince you to pay for services.

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