MetroPCS set to build over 1000 sites in New York

MetroPCS set to build over 1000 sites in New York

Now that MetroPCS has acquired spectrum under the Advanced Wireless Services auction and spent over $363,000,000 to acquire the 10 mHz NYC C block license (shown in dark red) which covers 27,000,000 people and acquired an additional 10 mHz of spectrum with the Northeast D block license (shown in light red) for $552,000,000 which covers the entire northeast and includes over 50,000,000 people, they have plans to start building out the network. See MetroPCS auction bids in this PDF from the FCC. (Map -copyright 2007- Steel in the Air, Inc.)

As MetroPCS is new to the NYC area, they are essentially building an entire network from the ground up. That means that many New York City rooftop owners will be contacted by MetroPCS leasing representatives (called site acquisition agents) to lease their rooftops/billboards/towers/property. We have heard that the initial build plans for MetroPCS in the New York metropolitan area will be around 1000 to 1300 cell sites. Each of those will need a cell site lease- whether a rooftop cell site lease or a cell tower lease.

If you are contacted by MetroPCS for the use of your property- Steel in the Air, Inc can assist you with evaluating the MetroPCS cell site lease proposal. We can ascertain whether they have numerous options and we can assist you with making sure that you get a fair market value for the site. We can be retained on a hourly consulting basis or on a commission basis based upon the value of the increase in your lease that we help you procure.

If you are looking for legal assistance with evaluating the MetroPCS lease- our sister company, Cell Tower Attorney can help you review the proposed lease and protect your interests in the negotiations. Please see our page on the MetroPCS cell site lease agreement. We are licensed in New York state.

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