Wireless Capital Partners tells Landowners of Sprint/Nextel Credit Problems.

So today, two separate clients who are considering cell site lease buyouts from Wireless Capital Partners received emails from their WCP reps that has a cryptic message regarding Sprint/Nextel’s credit rating being downgraded to junk bond status.

The messages include an attachment of a news story about the downgrade. One goes on to say that there have been some amazing changes for WCP since they approached my clients first and that pricing leases is a “moving target”. The other doesn’t suggest or tell why the story was sent. Neither really states why they were sent at this time.¬†Since writing this post, it has come to our attention that WCP has simply stopped purchasing Sprint/Nextel leases. WCP’s financing group simply felt that there was too much risk in owning more Sprint/Nextel leases in the WCP portfolio. WCP’s business model is based around spreading risk on their leases and the Sprint/Nextel leases increased that risk too much. WCP is working on acquiring alternative financing for Sprint Nextel leases.)

If you are a landowner that has an offer from WCP for a Sprint Nextel lease- don’t dispair. Contact Steel in the Air– because their are other companies that are still buying Sprint/Nextel leases. If you are concerned about your Sprint/Nextel lease as a result of this- remember that Sprint and Nextel has no value without its cell sites. So while there may be a risk of termination due to the merger and duplication of Sprint/Nextel cell sites– these sites still form the basis by which Sprint/Nextel service their subscribers. Without them, Sprint/Nextel will really be in trouble.

Steel in the Air, Inc. and the author are not affiliated with Wireless Capital Partners or Sprint/Nextel. If you reached this post while looking for Wireless Capital Partners- go to www. wireless capital. com (without spaces) or http://www.sprint.com/.

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