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A recent article about Clearwire in Wireless Week doesn’t directly address lease terminations by Clearwire, but does suggest some reasons that may account for the terminations.   Clearwire is obligated by their license requirements with the FCC to build out certain rural areas.  Hindered by poor retail sales, Clearwire doesn’t appear to have the funds to continue its aggressive build out.  Furthermore, Clearwire’s partners aren’t likely to come to the rescue with additional investment given Clearwire’s questionably poor execution of the nationwide build strategy.  (IMHO)

Since some of the lease terminations our clients received contained 6 month penalties for termination, we assumed that Clearwire would not be back soon.  This article seems to confirm this.   If you have a lease from Clearwire that has been terminated recently, we would not suggest counting on the revenue any time soon.  As we stated in our previous article, there isn’t anything you can do about this.  So just be patient and see if Clearwire comes back.

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