TMobile Cell Tower Landowners being Contacted to Renegotiate Lease

So yet another carrier chooses to enlist the services of lease renegotiation companies. The game is the same- either you choose to renegotiate or your site will not be prioritized in the network. With one huge difference- TMobile has not merged with any other carrier.

The companies provide evidence in the form of an analyst’s forecast stating that TMobile has to either merge or be purchased to survive. From this the reader is left to infer that if they choose not to negotiate, that TMobile may not make it and will have to abandon its towers.

This argument is simply misleading and erroneous. TMobile will not live or die as a company on the basis of a renegotiation of some of its leases.

There is a good possibility that TMobile will merge or be acquired. But renegotiating a cell tower or cell site lease in preparation for the merger that may or may not occur makes no sense. TMobile has no idea which cell sites would be terminated- because they don’t know what company they might merge with. And if they are acquired by some company other than those with existing networks- they would need their network just the same as now.

The only reason we could see that a landowner would even consider renegotiating a lease is if the lease was above average in terms of rent and there were other suitable land locations or buildings in the area. Before TMobile would even consider removing a cell site or tower and building another, the rent savings would have to be significant.

If you still have concerns about the possibility of termination in the event that you choose not to negotiate, please contact us- we can advise you of the risk and provide you a strategy on negotiation.

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    2 thoughts on “TMobile Cell Tower Landowners being Contacted to Renegotiate Lease”

    1. I am interested in having a tmobile cell tower placed on my property. I have questions and would like for someone to get back with me as soon as possible. Please leave me a phone number to where I can get this information.
      Thank You,

    2. Hello,
      My name is John Brewer and I live at 1031 Cotaco Florette Rd; Somerville, Alabama 35670 and own eighty-three acres and was interested in getting with some one from T-Mobile and putting a cell phone tower up on my property. I hope to hear back from you and thank you for your time. My phone number is 334-452-0127.

      John Brewer

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