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Sprint has been contacting landowners recently with existing Sprint sites and asking to modify the current antenna installation. They propose adding 2 parabolic antennas to the site. When asked, they suggest that the additional equipment is used in “support of” their 4th generation WiMAX technology. Yet a careful review of the proposed lease amendment shows that they want to modify the current lease agreements so that Sprint “OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATED ENTITIES, SUBLESSEES, ASSIGNS OR CUSTOMERS” can use the Site for installing equipment, antennas and microwave dishes, air conditioned shelters, ect.

Basically, Sprint wants unsuspecting landlords to sign these agreements not realizing that they have now authorized Sprint to sublease to virtually anyone. (I am a Sprint customer- perhaps I can get a sublease on one of their sites).

Personally, I find this type of negotiation misleading. Why represent that Sprint wants to add equipment if in fact, they simply intend to sublease to a third party? The answer is relatively easy- otherwise landowners would ask for more money.

Before you agree to an amendment like this or a proposal to add more antennas to your cell site, make sure you consult an attorney who understands wireless leases to counsel you on what rights you are giving up. If you need help evaluating the value of a Sprint lease amendment for additional antennas, contact Steel in the Air.

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