Rooftop Owners Beware

It has been brought to my attention by a site management associate of mine that a certain and unnamed provider of broadband wireless services (essentially point to point T1 speed transmissions) has been attempting to install wireless equipment on rooftops under the guise that they are allowed there as part of a major wireless carrier’s rooftop cell antenna lease agreement. They have called rooftop owners, requesting permission to enter the building and have claimed that they are an affiliate of the carrier. When questioned further, they stated that the underlying lease allows them to place equipment in the lease area of the carrier even though they operate completely different systems and antennas and are basically looking to piggyback without paying the rooftop owner any cell lease rates.

So if you are a rooftop owner who is contacted by someone claiming to be affiliated or otherwise related to a carrier who is leasing your rooftop, reply that they have access to the lease and if they need access to the roof may do so by contacting the carrier.

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