Global Signal signs Black Dot on to negotiate reductions in their leases.

It is incredibly disconcerting to me as a member of the wireless industry to see Black Dot Wireless’s success. They have made a business of convincing landowners who otherwise have no reason to negotiate a reduction in their cell tower lease to agree to such a reduction.

An individual who told me that he interviewed with Black Dot was told by them that they had made $70 million dollars last year and had made $70 million through the first 7 or 8 months of this year. I cannot confirm how much of this was made through convincing landowners to renegotiate otherwise solid leases using scare tactics and high pressure techniques.

Recently, it appears that they have been retained by Global Signal to renegotiate their leases going forward. To my knowledge, Global Signal is the first company to hire an outside firm to utilize these heavy handed techniques to get reductions out of ignorant landowners.

I suspect that Global Signal felt they had nothing to lose as a company by affliating themselves with these sales techniques because they are merging with Crown Castle. Seems fitting that after they went filed Chapter 11 causing many shareholders to lose money that they would target their landowners as well.

If you find yourself being confronted by Black Dot on behalf of Global Signal and need some help figuring out the risk- please see our webpage on the subject.

PLEASE NOTE THAT STEEL IN THE AIR IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH EITHER GLOBAL SIGNAL OR BLACK DOT WIRELESS. Global Signal and Black Dot Wireless are registered trademarks of those companies respectively.

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