Cell Tower Health – American Cancer Society Summary of Research

Cell Tower Health

At Steel in the Air, Inc., we are constantly bombarded with questions about the issue of the safety of cell towers and the radio frequency emissions from them. Our answer is that we are not qualified to answer the question of whether cell towers are a health risk. We do point out that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local communities from evaluating health risks as part of a decision on whether to approve or deny a cell tower in a zoning hearing. In fact, if it becomes apparent that a cell tower was denied on the basis of health risks, the decision can be overturned on appeal.

From a personal standpoint, while we don’t believe that the issue is fully researched, we also believe that most cell towers or cell sites are too far away from the end user to constitute a health risk. Back in my days representing carriers in zoning hearings for towers- we would simply hand out the FCC’s pamphlet on radio-frequency exposure as evidence that there was no harm from cell towers or cell sites. Many opponents to towers would find research on the web that seemed to suggest that cell phones were dangerous to human health and try to extrapolate the results to cell towers. 

We were pleased to find a very well written article on the American Cancer Society that outlines the status of the research on the alleged health risks from cellular towers and antennas of cellular antennas and towers from radiofrequency emissions.

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    3 thoughts on “Cell Tower Health – American Cancer Society Summary of Research”

    1. I for two years hung out with my dogs under the shadow of a cell phone repeater tower at this park here in Las Vegas my one dog I had to put to sleep he became totally non- responsive and the vet said it could have been a brain tumor my other dog developed cancer of the lynph noid glands and had to be put to sleep I was wondering if there was any correlation to any radiation emitted from these towers or not. sincerely one heart broken dog owner. W.M.

      1. First off, I am sorry to hear about your dog’s passing on. My condolences.

        As to your question, I will suggest that I don’t personally believe there is any correlation. However, I will suggest that there are studies that other people believe suggest there is a correlation. Even if there is some causal relationship, I strongly doubt that just visiting a park even daily with a cell tower even daily for a few hours would be enough. Hope this helps.

    2. For William Martin and all others noticing causal effects. There is research being done and some countries and cities are deciding against installing more of these microwave towers and cell phone booster stations.

      I appreciate the attempt to outline the information, but I am concerned that the possible risks have been minimized. We should not be building infrastructure without being sure that we are doing so in a safe manner. The industry should NOT be controlling or guiding public infrastructure decision making. Credible scientific studies have been done, all over the world that suggest that there is a connection between the use of these technologies and certain types of cancers and disorders in people. I am especially concerned for students.



      If these technologies are safe, then why did the California Medical Association ask Los Angeles Unified School District not to install a wireless system in their schools? Of course, LAUSD wanting to move ahead with new technology, went ahead and installed two systems in some schools and had both systems on for a while without informing either parents or staff of the possible dangers to the health of the people in these facilities. There is research, there is concern, but the companies who are profiting are pushing municipalities to spend infrastructure money without understanding the risk to students and staff from these technologies.            



      The routers in the classrooms are not "far away" from the user, and they pose a danger that is constant, because although the system is not always in use, it is constantly turned on and sending out signals. the many routers close to each other from other classrooms in a school also set up interactive wave patterns that also impact living organisms in the building. Read some of the studies available. I am disappointed in SITA for not making use of current information available to them to give the public a more complete understanding of this technology. According to doctors and scientists who are working in this field, there are concerns. If the laws continue to discount health concerns as a basis for not building towers than the laws protect profit over health and they are bad laws.

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