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We Have the Largest Collection of Cell Tower Lease Rates, Location and Sales Data in the U.S.

Steel in the Air’s proprietary database includes close to 300,000 cell towers and over 10,000 telecommunications leases. We have more comprehensive data than any other consultant who advises landowners. Our data points include rent payments, escalation percentages, lease terms, lease buyout offers, and information on the carriers who are operating on the site. Steel in the Air is the only source where property owners and local governments can receive ethical, data-driven guidance. Because of this, we are proud to be able to say that our analyses, valuations, and recommendations are more accurate than any you’ll receive elsewhere.

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    Our Flexible Payment Terms are Designed to Work in Your Favor – Not Ours.

    At Steel in the Air, we maintain core values of integrity, customer loyalty, and unparalleled expertise. Not only are we ethical; we are completely transparent when it comes to our goals as a company and our understanding of industry dynamics, which we are happy to explain to you. Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to providing excellent service. While we won’t pretend that we work for free, we do offer a significant amount of free guidance – all throughout our website. However, when something requires research or specific positioning, we will propose a fair rate and allow you to choose a payment option that works best for you. We will provide you with the information you need to handle the issue yourself – or if you prefer, we will take charge and work on your behalf to negotiate the results you deserve.

    Cell Tower Lease Rates
    SITA Advantages

    Our Industry Experts are Dedicated to Achieving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction.

    At Steel in the Air, we don’t just talk cell towers; we have built, owned, operated, sold, and leased towers. We have streamlined zoning approvals, redlined leases, and helped thousands of landowners negotiate better terms. Our team’s capabilities reach across the wireless communications, real estate, legal and financial sectors. Whether you need help with a DAS lease, broadcast lease, or lease buyout, we have the talent to handle issues of all sizes. We are proud to admit that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing insightful solutions to our clients.

    Resources and Tools

    We are well-known in the cell tower and wireless infrastructure industry as being a trusted, reputable source, and we take great pride in providing innovative and accurate resources to the public. Our value-centric perspective is focused on empowering property owners, venue owners, and local governments with the tools they need to effectively value, and favorably negotiate, the terms of telecommunications leases.

    Steel in the Air has amassed more data by tracking nationwide cellular lease rates, tower locations, lease buyouts and tower sales than any other independent lease consultant in the country. Our proprietary data spans all 50 states and has grown to encompass over 285,000 cell tower and cell site locations.

    Steel in the Air’s Cell Tower and Wireless Industry Q&A Forum is a new way to connect cell tower landlords with expert consultants. In fact, it’s more of a self-service feature that provides answers to common questions – without a price tag. We welcome you to take a look, and if you can’t easily find the answer you’re looking for, please let us know, either by posting your own question or contacting us directly.

    Steel in the Air, with Ken Schmidt at the helm, partners with industry experts to provide specialized services to specific clients. We are co-founders of Cell Tower Attorney (a law firm specializing in cell site lease negotiations) and SteelTree Partners (a cell tower brokerage firm specializing in tower valuation for investment portfolios). We have also teamed up with CityScape to provide municipalities assistance with engineering reviews of proposed cell sites, which are useful for zoning applications, as well as asset valuation and recommendations regarding forward-thinking deployment plans.

    Unlike our competitors, we do not work for or represent the interests of wireless carriers or cell tower companies – but we do track their activities. We help our clients to understand the key motivators that drive wireless carrier site selection and network deployment, while providing visibility on wireless infrastructure dynamics, such as company acquisitions and technological innovations. As a result, our predictive analytics are capable of anticipating final offers regarding rent payments and lump-sum lease buyouts.

    We present a fresh and unique perspective on wireless industry dynamics, which we are happy to share with our clients as well as anyone interested in the cell tower and telecommunications industry. Our newsletter contains actual stories written by our staff about timely issues facing landowners and building owners who are engaged in cellular leases. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to leverage knowledge regarding cell tower companies, wireless carriers, and new laws and technologies that could result in equipment or lease modifications.

    Steel in the Air’s President, Ken Schmidt, has been advocating for landowner rights for over ten years. He’s been a guest speaker at several industry conferences, including the U.S. Dept. of the Navy, and has appeared as an expert witness on multiple occasions. Ken has also been quoted and published in national newspapers and magazines. There’s no better way to gain insight into issues affecting the cell tower and wireless infrastructure industry. Follow Ken on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    We Will Help You Negotiate Optimal Terms For Your Telecommunications Lease.

    Start by downloading our complimentary Lease guides, or contact us.

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    We’ll Be Here For The Long Haul

    We represent our clients’ best interests and guarantee optimal results (the highest rent and most favorable lease terms that are possible to achieve. Clients love us and wireless carriers would prefer that we close shop. But we assure you, that we’ll be here for the long haul. We’ve been around for over a decade now, and we plan to be here for many more. You’ll always know where to find us.

    We are Steel in the Air, and we are proud to say that we do things right.

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