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Tarpon Towers: Tower Company Profile

Tarpon Towers is the parent company for three regionally-based cell tower companies: Florida Tower Partners (the primary operating company); North Atlantic Towers (operating in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts); and Dixie Towers (operating in the southeastern US, including Louisiana and Mississippi).

Since its conception in 2008 as Florida Tower Partners, Tarpon Towers, LLC has financed, acquired and managed wireless communications assets across the U.S. They currently own approximately 198 cell sites, nationwide, including 106 actual telephony towers, and have over 100 new builds in development.

Tarpon Towers is a small, privately held company based in Bradenton, Florida. In 2010, Tarpon Towers received a $15 million equity commitment from private investment fund Spire Capital, a firm that focuses on the communications, informations and media sectors. Prior to that, Tarpon had secured over $50 million in equity from its primary investor, ABS Capital, as well as $30 million from a regional bank.

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    Steel in the Air has assisted landowners and small tower owners with various offers from Tarpon Towers. There are three main proposals that landowners, property owners and local governments receive from Tarpon Towers:

    Proposed Cell Tower Lease: Tarpon (through one of its subsidiaries) contacts a landowner to enter into a lease allowing them to erect on tower on the property.

    Lease Buyout: Tarpon offers to purchase the ground rights under their existing towers through perpetual or fixed term easements. They typically target valuable towers and focus on making offers that include revenue sharing based on future income from tower rent. Tarpon does make offers on tower leases that they don’t own.

    Lease Expansion or Consent Requests: Tarpon contacts landowners to request the right to expand the original lease footprint or to receive consent to sublease space on the tower to a wireless provider.

    Tower Acquisition: Tarpon also makes offers to small tower owners to purchase towers. If you have received an offer from Tarpon to acquire your tower, please contact us and we will review the offer at no cost and advise you on whether a better offer is out there.

    Please contact us to discuss any questions you might have about a proposal you have received from Tarpon Towers. The initial discussion is free and once we talk to you and understand your needs, we can advise you should retain our services and what the cost will be. Unlike our competitors, we offer the flexibility of either a fixed fee consulting service or a contingency based service.

    If you are interested in learning how to get a Tarpon Towers cell tower on your property, then contact Tarpon Towers at http://www.tarpontowers.com/owners/landowner.

    If you are a building owner, interested in leasing rooftop space to Tarpon Towers, you can contact them at http://www.tarpontowers.com/owners/rooftop

    Insider tips

    1. Tower companies often prefer to purchase leases outright in order to further diversify their portfolio of assets; however, they are not the only companies out there who are interested in buying cellular leases. Buyout companies do it for profit alone. The motivation of the buyer may or may not be of interest to you, but it will likely affect their final offer.
    2. Consumer demand for higher speeds brought on by robust and rising Smartphone and tablet usage, and the pervasive 4G technology migration, will drive future demand for cell site leasing. The number of cell sites in the U.S. alone is expected to surpass 400,000 by 2015.
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