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Donna from MD
The assessment was great. Steve Aruz had very good insight and as a result Verizon reimbursed us for all our expenses.
Thomas from MD
We were absolutely satisfied with the SITA assessment and happy with the outcome of our negotiations.
Teresa from NC
We were very pleased with the assessment from Steel In The Air. Matt Williams was very helpful and we received a signing bonus and rent increase from ATC.
Carol from TX
Signing with SITA was the best thing I ever did. I received good terms and a signing bonus that covered all my out of pocket expenses! The site acquisition agent said I had made the best deal his tower company had ever extended to a landowner. The advice from SITA was invaluable.
Ron from MI
The Steel In The Air assessment leveled the playing field in my favor. I received a very good increase in the monthly revenue due to SITA’s assistance.
Gerald from FL
Monthly rent was doubled, we received future revenue sharing and a substantial signing bonus! For the life of us we can’t figure out how we could have accomplished with without SITA’S help. Nice little next egg to leave the children while we enjoy the benefits today.
Glenn from GA
Thank you Ken. Your appraisal made all the difference. I wonder how many owners negotiate their cell towers without any idea of what they are really worth?
David from GA
SITA was a great help and I am very pleased with the outcome of our negotiations. We also own another tower and will call on SITA when needed.
George from NJ
Money well spent! SITA earned their money on this one. The carrier accepted 80% of SITA recommendations. I was very pleased with SITA’s timeliness.

Michael from CA

The matter has now settled based, in large part, on the work you did.

Robert from Milton, DE

We finalized our deal with Cingular today. They were reluctant to come up to $xxxx.xx, but they agreed. I appreciate all of your help.

Bob from MA

After taking in your suggestions it appears that you are correct. After speaking to you and reading your report, I have been approached by three

Peter from CO

Verizon agreed to $xxxx.xx. Thank you for your services, which proved very valuable. I will no doubt be contacting you in the future.

I can’t say enough positive things about Steel In The Air.

About 20 years ago, Edge Wireless approached me about a cell tower on my 500-acre ranch in western Oregon.  That interest died after they looked at the site.  A few years later, AT&T approached me, interested in a tower.  As interest grew, American Tower took over the actual building of the tower.  Somewhere in this process, I was fortunate to discover Steel in the Air as a consultant.  They have been with me since, starting at the very beginning by

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